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  1. Lor

    The 'OMG, I'm sitting here with cling film on my head!' Thread

    Right now, I have magenta hair dye and cling film on my head :eek: Results will be posted!!! I'm a bit nervous as to how it's gonna turn out, but, so far so good. I didn't bleach. But my hair is already light blonde. I accidentaly washe di with conditioning shampoo :confused: but then I...
  2. Lor

    TMYEM!'s 2000th Post :)

    Somebody told me to! :D Congrats :) Sorry, I just thought that was a funny cake :o
  3. Lor

    I might dye my hair pink.

    I bought some semi-permanent (24 washes, I think) magenta hair dye in a fit of craziness recently and I'm thinking of dying my hair pink for the Xmas hols. What do you guys think? Would it look idiotic, or uberly cool?
  4. Lor

    My darling virtually dead's 1000th post

    She was kind enough to wait for me so... PARTY!!!!! :D:D
  5. Lor

    The OFFICIAL Homosexers Thread

    Welcome to the OFFICIAL Homosexers Thread! The best place to start would be to visit our websites: This thread is basically where band members meet to do whatever it is bands do when they meet. If you really want to search...
  6. Lor

    HELP ME! please...

    Struggling... What is the equation of a line that passes through (6,8) and (11,23)? :confused:
  7. Lor

    Aztec Camera

    Does anybody else like them? The first album High Land, Hard Rain is pure genius. Got a bit boring after that but what Roddy Frame is doing in his solo career now is pretty good. Craig Gannon played with them in the mid 80's.
  8. Lor

    Sitting or Standing?

    Ok... so say I did get tickets to the GMex (fingers crossed), would/should they be sitting or standing? And then also... how early should you get there to queue? (don't want to be right at the front, don't think my family would be quite ready for that...) I'm woefully uneducated about Morrissey...
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