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  1. Sal Kramer

    Ska compilation- "Dance Craze" (1981)

    Is anyone familiar with a compilation album of ska music released in 1981 called "Dance Craze?" It featured Bad Manners, the Selecter, the Beat. etc. If someone has this and can post it, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. Sal Kramer

    Elvis Costello - "Taking Liberties"

    I'm a huge fan of old school EC albums. "Taking Liberties", released in 1980, was a compilation of non-lp songs. Was this ever released on cd? Is anyone aware of a digital release of this great album? Thanks to all.
  3. Sal Kramer

    Any Richard Thompson fan out there?

    The amazing Richard Thompson released a five-disc career retrospective called "RT- The Life & Music of Richard Thompson." There was a bonus disc available if you mailed in a postcard included in the original release. Does anyone have a copy of the bonus disc they could upload? Thanks in advance...
  4. Sal Kramer

    Admired musicians who were awful people

    Here is a video list from YouTube, titled "Admired musicians who were awful people." The first person mentioned on the list is... you guessed it...
  5. Sal Kramer

    R.I.P Walter Becker

    Steely Dan co-founder Walter Becker died yesterday at the age of 67. No cause of death was announced. Very sad. :(
  6. Sal Kramer

    How many dates will be played as scheduled on the 2014 tour? (Poll included)

    Yes, we all hope that every date of the tour will go off without any problems. But as the saying goes, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So how many dates will take place? Please vote, and you can narrow your choice down to a specific number by submitting a post. The...
  7. Sal Kramer

    Anyone have March 8 Portland Oregon show?

    Does anyone have a copy of what will surely be Morrissey's final concert?
  8. Sal Kramer

    Leonard Cohen is the MAN!

    Leonard Cohen played a show in Tampa the other night. The man is 78 years old, and performed a three and a half hour show! This is part of a 31 date tour. No postponements, cancellations or drama on the tour either. Amazing!!! :thumb:
  9. Sal Kramer

    Wake up, people!

    Another Morrissey tour, another string of cancelled shows, postponed shows, and disappointed fans. Please consider these statistics: 2012: 3 cancelled shows, 24 postponed shows 2011: 3 cancelled shows, 1 postponed show 2009: 9 cancelled shows, 11 postponed shows 2008: 2 cancelled shows...
  10. Sal Kramer

    Pirated software

    I'm looking to download a copy of Microsoft Office, without paying Bill Gates $150. Does anyone know of some reliable sites that have software to download, without viruses attached?
  11. Sal Kramer

    Clearwater, Florida July 12 2007

    Does anyone have a recording of Moz in Clearwater Florida from July 12, 2007? Thank you in advance.
  12. Sal Kramer

    Disappearing bootleg blog This is/was one of my favorite sites for concert bootlegs, & it has disappeared, again! Does anyone know where it went????
  13. Sal Kramer

    Kraftwerk at Museum of Modern Art in NYC

    I realize that this is probably a long shot, but does anyone know if recordings of any of Kraftwerk's shows at the MoMA in New York have shown up on line? Thank you.
  14. Sal Kramer

    Missing music blog

    Is anyone out there familiar with the site I was at the site this morning, but now it seems to have disappeared.:confused:
  15. Sal Kramer

    Buzzcocks rarity

    I'm a big fan of the Buzzcocks. A really long time ago, I bought a copy of their "Love Bites" album that is mis-pressed. One side is the Buzzcocks, & another band (don't know who) appears on the other. Are there any Buzzcocks fans out there who know anything about this?
  16. Sal Kramer

    Phish "Live Bait"

    Phish currently has a free live sampler on their website for download - "Live Bait, Vol. 2" ( ). They posted Vol. 1 this past summer. Does anyone know where I can find that now? Thanks.
  17. Sal Kramer

    Hey Jude (The Beatles Again)

    Released in 1970, this album was a collection of Beatles singles. It was never released on compact disc. Does anyone know where I could locate a vinyl rip of this?? Thanks.
  18. Sal Kramer

    Live Clash recordings

    Does anyone know of a site that has live Clash concert recordings? Specifically, I'm looking for August 29, 1982 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Thanks.
  19. Sal Kramer

    Looking for Al Stewart cd...

    I have a vinyl, 2-record set called "The Early Years", which is a collection of tracks from Bedsitter Images, Orange, Zero She Flies, & Love Chronicles. Does anyone know if this particular Al Stewart collection is available on cd? I have looked around for it online, with no luck. Thanks...
  20. Sal Kramer


    Does anybody have an upload of a complete greatest hits package by the Monkees, especially one that includes "What Am I Doing Hangin' Round"? Thanks.
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