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  1. Mars_Rover

    James Dean Is Not Dead enquiry

    Re: James Dean Is Not Dead enquiry... James may not be dead but the Geocities link certainly is. Does some kind soul here have a copy? I thank you sincerely.
  2. Mars_Rover

    2013 albums, what do you like so far?

    Savages "Silence Yourself" Johnny Marr "The Messenger" Mazzy Star "Seasons of Your Day" Foals "Holy Fire"
  3. Mars_Rover

    Favorite Lines or Passages from "Autobiography"

    Was I the only one surprised to learn that young Morrissey knew Ian Curtis? OT: RealityBites, how can you say reality bites when you live in the supernaturally gorgeous Sedona?!
  4. Mars_Rover

    Johnny Marr: 'Fantastic Man'!

    It's cool and fine that he's a proud non-drinker. I think he's pro-psychedelics though, being a Huxley admirer and having said stuff about tripping with B. Sumner quite a lot. Don't mind me, I'm rambling. Crystal, have you seen that show Portlandia? It's quite funny. "The dream of the 90's...
  5. Mars_Rover

    Johnny Marr last night in NYC for Ray- Ban party

    Looks like a beautiful venue, this Angel O. place. One wonders why they were so exclusive with the invitations though - surely a promotional event is meant to draw a lot of people. It looks sparsely populated. I'm just bitter because I didn't get an invite, I don't have the social éclat of Flax :)
  6. Mars_Rover

    What did make you smile today?

    And they all have great hair. What's the story with the Amish/Mennonite people though, are they for real or was it performance art? P.S. To me, the utility truck driver looks very much like Moz in about 10-15 years.
  7. Mars_Rover

    Johnny Marr last night in NYC for Ray- Ban party

    Oh he's always been a stylish man, true, and he looks wonderful - from his blackened hair to his suede shoes.
  8. Mars_Rover

    Johnny Marr last night in NYC for Ray- Ban party

    Isn't this all a bit strange? Johnny's great and everything, but he's not exactly Lady Gaga in terms of name recognition and record sales. It's a tad surprising that Ray-Ban would do a line of Johnny sunglasses - maybe people will buy them thinking it's something to do with Johnny Depp.
  9. Mars_Rover

    Dream Thread

    Sleep paralysis is very scary. It used to happen to me when I was a kid; I think it's to do with too much stress 'n anxiety. I had a pleasant dream last night that I was visiting Jimmy Page's spectacular London mansion.
  10. Mars_Rover

    Johnny Marr frink thread

    Re: Johnny frink thread Loafers and white socks... who else would dare?
  11. Mars_Rover

    Spell your name in songs

    "I decided on 'Kyoto Song' by The Cure for my k..." Good one, Mack. I was going to suggest the Memphis soul classic "Knock On Wood" but that's prehistoric I suppose (still a cracking song tho).
  12. Mars_Rover

    Johnny Marr frink thread

    Re: Johnny frink thread Johnny mentioned on Twitter awhile back that they're (Fender?) coming out with a copy of his Jaguar guitar as seen in that blue photo above. I axed him if it would come with the autumn leaves stickers from Walmart and was ignored for my pains.
  13. Mars_Rover

    London - Palladium (Aug. 8, 2011) post-show

    Thanks, Nowhere. Didn't Moz address the rioting that's been going on, or has he shied away from current topics after the Norway imbroglio?
  14. Mars_Rover

    The London riots - any thoughts/explanations etc?

    Those girls sound like they are from a Catherine Tate sketch. Wonderful future generation we have to look forward to, eh?
  15. Mars_Rover

    The London riots - any thoughts/explanations etc?

    Stay safe, Jackie & all the other Solo peeps affected by this thuggery. It's very worrying. It was so sad to see on the news this morning a London couple who looked like they were terrified to leave their homes. The man's eyes were darting around like he was prey. And the footage of the...
  16. Mars_Rover

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Listening to the new album (I'm old, I still use that word album) by The Horrors, it's marvelous, really excellent. "Moving Further Away" specifically.
  17. Mars_Rover

    "You Know What You Did"

    On the EP, he could cover "In the Flesh Part II" from Pink Floyd's The Wall. You know, where the increasingly dictatorial lead singer goes mad and starts ejecting fans from the concert based on their objectionable appearance, behavior or ethnicity. "Who let all of this riff raff into the room...
  18. Mars_Rover

    David thrown out of Copenhagen show! Question?

    Reading through the various threads here, it seems that Morrissey is losing a fair amount of very long-term fans. I've been a fan since 1984 - how apropos considering the fascistic aspect of Morrissey's recent actions. Viva Tseng.
  19. Mars_Rover

    David thrown out of Copenhagen show! Question?

    Re: David deserved to be ejected by Morrissey. I agree with most of what you've said. I'm through with Morrissey. He's become a bully and a thug, I'm very sorry to say. It's over. I like coming to this site because it's got some really intelligent, thoughtful and interesting people...
  20. Mars_Rover

    David thrown out of Copenhagen show! Question?

    Re: MORRISSEY vs. David "SOLOW" Tseng - I CHOOSE MORRISSEY! Stoney es loco, estoy en acuerdo. What's with the hostility?? It's not like David T. gets paid for this. He's voluntarily working for hours and hours on this site, giving enjoyment to people and providing forums for sharing and...
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