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  1. Mars_Rover

    Johnny's strings

    Anyone know what kind of strings Mr. Marr uses on his guitar? Thank you in advance.
  2. Mars_Rover

    Any Church fans here?

    I came across this wonderful and wacky clip of The Church receiving a Hall of Fame award at an Australian music show last week. Steve Kilbey is looking healthy and takes us through a very energetic and funny 15-minute history of Aussie rock 'n roll, complete with imitations...
  3. Mars_Rover

    Interesting article on Morrissey's "manager" in today's WSJ

    Today's Wall Street Journal has a rather eye-opening article about how Irving Azoff tried doing an unholy (for fans) deal with ticket scalpers to drive up ticket prices: Big Ticket Seller Tried Deal with Scalpers Before Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc., the nation's leading ticket seller...
  4. Mars_Rover

    It's a miracle!: Hope Sandoval has a new record out

    You can download the single from Spin magazine's web site: Beautiful song. I thought Ms. Sandoval was out of the music business, it's been so long.
  5. Mars_Rover

    Syd Straw "Howl" anyone?

    This is quite a hopeless request, but I thought I'll try: would anyone have an mp3/other sound file of this track? I don't know why it's so hard to find, it was used in a reasonably well-known 90's film "Sleep With Me" starring Eric Stoltz and Quentin Tarantino. Thanks!
  6. Mars_Rover

    Driving in Ireland - scary or no?

    I'm an American planning a trip to northwest Ireland (mainly County Mayo). This will be my first time driving there, my 2 other visits were on coach tours. I know the roads are relatively narrow, and occasionally sheep-clogged. I've bought a road atlas and done some online research to...
  7. Mars_Rover

    Did anyone here attend a Pogues show on 2009 U.S. tour?

    I learned, sadly after the fact!, that The Pogues did a very brief U.S. tour this month, with shows in a handful of cities: New York, Atlanta & Washington D.C. Were any lucky Forum folk in attendance? I'm especially curious about the 2 shows in D.C. at the tiny but wonderful 9:30 Club, that must...
  8. Mars_Rover

    2009 Tour support/opening act: which band where?

    Does anyone here know which band will be opening the show in Boca? Or will both bands be along for every show. Yes, I am dense.
  9. Mars_Rover

    Truth or rumour: Moz hires Merck back?

    That's what I'm hearing from a source in Blighty. I'm inclined to scoff. Anyone hearing the same?
  10. Mars_Rover

    Russell Brand discusses Moz on the Tonight show last night

    I don't know if this show was a re-run or not -- my apologies if this has already been discussed -- but Russell Brand was a guest on Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show" last night. He mentioned that his cat is named Morrissey. Jay said, "Oh like the singer? I take it you're a fan. Have you met him."...
  11. Mars_Rover

    R 'n R HOF 2008 nominations: no Smiths

    In fact, IMO it's the weakest, most pathetic line-up ever (except for Leonard Cohen, who's probably having a laugh at being called rock 'n roll): 9/28/2007 THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME FOUNDATION ANNOUNCES NOMINEES FOR 2008 INDUCTION (New York) --- The nominations for 2008 induction...
  12. Mars_Rover

    Miami pre-sale is on now - what's the password?!

    Anybody know? Please help a sistah out -- thank you!! greatesthits isn't working for me, that's why I ask... EDIT: Never mind, loves - it's because the Pit tickets are (allegedly) sold out
  13. Mars_Rover

    Unhappy anniversary: 8/8/2007

    I just realised it will be 20 years this Wednesday since The Smiths (officially) broke up. Johnny's 8/8/87 letter/statement to NME was I believe the first public acknowledgement that the band had fallen apart.
  14. Mars_Rover

    Pre-show music (not the videos)

    There was a thread on this topic during the European Tormentors tour, but I believe the playlist has changed considerably since then. I caught "Jungle Rock" by Hank Mizell. Anyone have info about the other songs? There was a very campy number about living alone and liking it (something along...
  15. Mars_Rover

    Request: "Felicity" by Orange Juice

    This is probably a long shot, but you can't blame a girl for trying. I read that this track is one of Morrissey's favourites of the 1980's, so I'm very curious to hear it. Thanks!
  16. Mars_Rover

    The White Stripes new song "Icky Thump"

    Does anyone here know of a place online where I can listen to this track? It doesn't have to be a download; streaming audio is fine -- I'm just dying to hear it, but have had no luck finding even a sample of it. Ta! In unrelated news, go here if you'd like to hear the new track "Tarantula"...
  17. Mars_Rover

    When was the HSIN video released in America?

    I'm referring to the non-authorized video for "How Soon Is Now" done by Paula Grief and Richard Levine for Sire Records. It featured a blonde model-type girl, grainy shots of The Smiths in concert, and footage of a bleak urban landscape. The Passions Just Like Mine site says the single was...
  18. Mars_Rover

    Modest Mouse debuted at #1!

    Modest Mouse debuts at #1! Yaaayyy Johnny! from HITS: Modest Mouse, Joss Stone, Elliott Yamin, Marques Houston Bow in Top 10 March 27, 2007 There are no traps on this week’s chart for Modest Mouse. The Portland, OR indie darlings’ new Epic album, We Were Dead Before the Ship...
  19. Mars_Rover

    Sparks' "Arts & Crafts Spectacular"? Anyone?

    Sorry if this has been requested before - I did a search and came up with nada. Would anyone here have this wonderful song? Thanks.
  20. Mars_Rover

    Smoking Popes "Writing a Letter" live, anyone?

    Perchance, does anyone have an mp3 of the live version of "Writing a Letter" by the Smoking Popes? It was one of the songs played pre-show on Morrissey's 2002 tour (in the U.S., anyway). Thank you!
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