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  1. j funk

    South PArk censored after death threats from Islamists

    No ones come out with the old 'It's only a handful of extremists' yet.
  2. j funk


    Sorry, I don't know anyone that's grown out of drinking.
  3. j funk


    Yeah I stopped drinking when I turned 18.:rolleyes:
  4. j funk


    Why would anyone bother to track down black market Mephedrone? People were doing it because it was so easy to get. The same factories will continue to churn out the next analogue or alternative, as people have already illustrated with the examples of Naphyrone, Methylone etc. It's easy to...
  5. j funk

    British Lyricists

    Doherty and Winehouse are up there with Moz IMO
  6. j funk


    'Drugs' being plural is quite a broad term. But while people are declaring eachother boring for either partaking or abstaining, I'd imagine life upon returning from another world must be pretty boring.
  7. j funk


    I don't find him amusing but I can separate that from the fact that I don't believe he has anything valuable to say on the matters in question. Even by that loose definition that article is more satire than journalism. If I want a laugh at what the Sun has to say about current events I'll...
  8. j funk


    So has Harry Hill but he's not posing as a journalist.
  9. j funk


    His only ever angle is to mock what the Mail or Sun has said about anything. If you don't find this amusing then he's saying nothing.
  10. j funk


    The interest brought about by the hype; a chance to drop a few shit anecdotes; the danger of criminalising these thing. I'm sure it was something stupid like that.
  11. j funk


    Without 'media hype' to write about the guy would be nothing. As it is all he's managed to do is point out that he knows as much about drugs as the average Mail columninst.
  12. j funk

    BBW's: empowerment or mockery?

    I'm only familiar with the term in the context of pornography, where it's most definately mockery.
  13. j funk

    Members Pics

    I suggest what you should get is a girlfriend or possibly a prostitute.
  14. j funk

    Members Pics

  15. j funk

    Gang Starr`s "Guru" in coma

    This is some crazy shit. The only person that can see him in hospital is his producer Solar. Only releasing updates on Twitter. Guru is awesome. Not a massive fan of Jazzmatazz though.
  16. j funk

    Loser Terry snubbed by Winner Wayne

    Don't even like the bloke but where is this rubbish from?
  17. j funk


    3 day rule.
  18. j funk

    It happened on the day you were born

    Re: It happened on the day you were born..... The good old days.
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