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  1. javert

    New Morrissey Album - Fiona Dodwell

    Not sure if i'm reading too much into this tweet or if we can even trust this... (but judging by her airtime on Central - perhaps?)
  2. javert

    Paul Joseph Watson tweets "I'm one step closer to interviewing Morrissey"

    Related item: TTY: The World Is Full of Crashing Bores - "The Truth About Popular Music" by Paul Joseph Watson - Feb. 26, 2016
  3. javert

    Liam Gallagher 'Tweet's' Moz

    Think LG has had too much to drink Famous when dead posted the link: Liam Gallagher’s Surprising Morrissey Christmas Message - Alternative Nation
  4. javert

    Morrissey defends Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein - BBC News

    Morrissey defends Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinsteir - BBC News Excerpt: Morrissey has attracted controversy after defending Kevin Spacey over allegations of sexual abuse. He said the star had been "attacked unnecessarily", adding it was "ridiculous" that Spacey was being erased from an...
  5. javert

    If you can't wait...

    Listen to the sample's off the Japan iTunes store for LIHS:
  6. javert

    Plea: Morrissey's comments on Corbyn

    I'm making a combination of Morrissey's politcal comments from over the years and would like some of the corbyn comments he made.
  7. javert

    What's with this 'BRS' and Morrissey's World?

    Can someone clear up whatever this is? I see references everywhere but don't actually know what it is...
  8. javert

    America is not the world - Live ?

    Did he ever do this live?
  9. A

    'List of the Lost' audiobook released 12th November?

    An anonymous person writes: At least according to Amazon, the audiobook CD version of Morrissey's new novel 'List of the Lost' is due to be published on 12th November. Current price £16.00. No word on who the reader is yet. Product details Audio CD Publisher: Penguin (12 Nov. 2015) Language...
  10. A

    Boz Boorer sporting a Moz t-shirt - posted by Cristocat / Instagram

    An anonymous person posted the link: by Cristocat This is too cool, boz from morrissey Rockn #Cristocat #bozboorer #Morrissey #moz #firstofthegang #mozangeles #thesmiths #mozarmy
  11. javert

    Morrissey-Solo - The new True To You?

    I think Morrissey really needs to come to his senses when it comes to this site. Why? Well, we...: Gather Morrissey Infomation Have one of the largest gatherings of his fan base located in one website Provide huge amounts of PR for free Give his music maxium exposure Provide up...
  12. javert

    Selling:Your Arsenal Gold Disc 24K Plated LP 12

    Selling a 24k Plated Your Arsenal Gold Disk. Exactly the same as this: £100 + £10 Shipping.
  13. javert

    TTY: The hunter gets captured by the 'game'​

    The hunter gets captured by the 'game'​ - 16 July 2015 Illustration and full copyright Steven Pottle 2015 Related item: TTY: Cameron on the run - 14 July 2015
  14. javert

    Thrasher Magazine - Morrissey Exclusive Interview

    Morrissey has taken part in an interview with Thrasher Magazine. Excerpt: BEFORE MORRISSEY was singing about his girlfriend in a coma or sweet and tender hooligans, he was a young boy growing up in Manchester, England, where he learned about the often harsh realities of humanity, especially...
  15. javert

    Michael's Bones - live?

    Did Moz ever do a live performance of this hallowing song?
  16. javert

    Saddest ever Morrissey solo song

    I decided since there were too many awesomely sad Smith songs, vote on your saddest moz song.
  17. javert

    Morrissey is surprisingly techy

    I've noticed over the years, Morrissey is in fact rather a tech user. He has: iPhone / other phone Laptop/Mac He visits this site on a daily/basis imagine because he likes to know what people think about him. This can be seen from the idea he made that TTY post about his facebook page...
  18. javert

    Selling Morrissey - Your Arsenal limited edition gold

    I just picked up the Morrissey Limited Edition LP GOLD HMV Copy 500 only made. £40
  19. javert

    My Dearest Love

    I cannot find it anywhere, can someone link me to a live copy?
  20. javert

    Sell sell sell

    Have you got a copy of World Peace Is None Of Your Business on CD? Would you be willing to part with it for cold hard cash? No! Of course you wouldn't! But what If I could change your mind with the prospect of being offered $1000 for it. Yes, you read that right. $1000 for the CD...
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