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    SEAL Team - Morrissey

    I found it interesting that Navy Seals would use The Smiths as check point names on the TV show. Even funnier that they kept saying Mars, lol.
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    Just going to leave this right here

    I couldn't stop watching :)
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    What ever happened to the Julia references?

    I no longer hear Moz calling out to her any longer.
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    Gabriel Avalos on Morrissey, Mexican fans and music fandom - TEDx Talks...have you seen this?

    What Morrissey and his Mexican fans tell us about music fandom | Gabriel Avalos | TEDxWhitneyHigh Description: Published on Sep 8, 2017 "Every once and a while there is a certain artist and their fan following that breaks these conventional rules. They actually end up reversing the roles and...
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    Pop quiz: country names in titles

    How many can name songs with countries, cities in the titles? I'll start with a few: -London -Mexico -Camden -Istanbul -Israel
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    Any predications on tonight's set list?

    I'm guessing: Action is my middle name FOTGTD People are the same everywhere
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    I was bully, do not forget me - [DEMO]

    Hey everyone, I was looking through my iTunes and found an Alain Whyte DEMO named "I was bully, do not forget me". Is this a hoax I might have downloaded some time ago? I don't remember ever hearing it. Or is there a story behind this. I did a search here and nothing came up. I'll...
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    Awesome YouTube site with Unrealeased/Remastered songs.

    This person uploaded some cool remastered songs. I think they sound a whole lot better than the originals...but that's just me. Enjoy.:)
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    Morrissey on front page of Yahoo.Com

    I never would i expect Morrissey to be on the front page of Here's the link:
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    Cool clip from TV on Latinos and 80's music craze in Los Angeles
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    Did Moz have a scar running down his belly?

    Has anyone noticed what looks like a scar running down Moz's stomach? I never noticed it before until recent (2004 +) photos of him. ???
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    Morrissey's stomach surgery?

    Has anyone noticed that Moz has [what looks like] a scar going up his navel to his sternum? I've seen it in many pictures. Any history on this?
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    Stay as you are

    Fellow Mozzers, I was listening to Pandora this morning and The Field Mice's song 'Letting Go' played. It sounds so much like the 'stay as you are' song that people believe is a Moz song. Any opinion? Cheers.
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    Proust and Bones

    In listening to Michael's Bones this morning, I realized the beginning drum beat sounds exactly like the drumbeat during Morrissey's reading of Proust. What do you think? Cheers.
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    Solo-era Smiths Compilation

    Sorry if that has been asked, but does a compilation exist of all the solo-era Smiths songs sung in convert by The Man? Cheers.
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    Drinks with Boz and the Boyz

    We ran into Boz and the Boyz (minus Jessie and Moz) at the Irish pub in Ventura. Boz was as humble as any other person there. He is such a great person. Solomon was also very cool and I could sense he was sincere in his gratitude towards us (when we told him what a great show they just put...
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    Ventura Majestic Theatre website features Morrissey

    Hey crowd, just some minor news on Mozzer.
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    The Smiths: Under review

    Has anyone seen this? I saw it at a local Fry's. They also had The Queen is Dead: Under Review. Should I buy it? Only $15 a piece.
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    Moz on senility - interesting quote.

    "I don't want to walk onstage with a hair transplant, with shoes on the wrong foot. I find pop senility totally appalling to witness and obviously there's so many strong examples of it now. I don't want to haul the carcass across the studio floor and reach for the bathchair as I put down the...
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    You should have been nice to me

    Wow, I can't stop listening to this song. I don't know what it is about it but it kind of makes me sad. The way he delivers it - it is very convincing. I believe that this is what makes a good song great; when it is able to 'move' you emotionally.
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