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  1. chica

    Where should I move?

    I would like to live somewhere with mild climate, 60 to 90 degrees (16-32 Celsius) all year. Nice beaches in proximity would be welcome. Ideally, it would be an urban area, so Bora Bora is out :( But there should be nice big parks and green spaces in the city.
  2. chica

    Here we criticise parents who don't vaccinate their children Fewer than half of all five-year-olds in London have had the MMR vaccine and booster jab. Figures from the NHS show only 49% of children had received the first and second dose of the vaccine by their fifth birthday. The MMR...
  3. chica

    School blocks cervical cancer jabs

    A CATHOLIC school has become the first in the country to block a project to vaccinate girls against cervical cancer. Governors of St Monica's High School in Bury - who have previously criticised the jab for `encouraging sexual promiscuity' - have decided they don't want pupils vaccinated on...
  4. chica

    Find out what's wrong with these arguments against unnecessary killing of animals!

    "If a group of beings from another planet were to land on Earth -- beings who considered themselves as superior to you as you feel yourself to be to other animals -- would you concede them the rights over you that you assume over other animals?" - George Bernard Shaw **********...
  5. chica

    The Official Chris Crocker Appreciation Thread

    Okay, I'm about a year late, I just saw this today :D
  6. chica

    Flame or ignore?

    Inspired by the Kiss Or Poo thread :p
  7. chica

    Bend Over, Boyfriend

    From Savage Love: Gentlemen First Q: After six months of marriage—I'm a straight male—the sex had become routine. To remedy this, my wife and I discussed new things we might like to try. We were both being shy, so I said the first thing that came to mind: "Anal?" My wife got quiet and...
  8. chica

    Is helping other students cheat wrong?

    I come from a culture with collectivist understanding of morality. Ever since the first grade I was taught that it was wrong not to let another child copy your homework or your answers on a test. Teachers didn't allow it because that was their job, but they weren't too strict about it. Only...
  9. chica

    Place your lonely hearts ads here!

    Start a romance, friendship, or make a lifelong stalker! Here are some useful abbreviations you might use: • LTR - long term relationship, as in 'looking for LTR' • SOH - sense of humour • GSOH - good sense of humour • VGSOH - very good sense of humour (got the hang of it yet?) • BF...
  10. chica

    Katie's hair

    What style did you like best and why? Greek goddess: Girl next door: Wavy bob no fringe: Wavy bob with fringe: Bon chic, bon genre: Pixie cut: Pixie cut with shades:
  11. chica

    Copyright issues: I might have broken a rule of member conduct

    I often google pictures and texts and post them here, is there a way to find out whether they have been copyrighted? I'd hate to cause a lawsuit against this site, and I would also hate to be banned. Thanks to PregnantForTheLastTime for bringing this problem to my attention. TOS, rule #6:
  12. chica

    Is childbirth obscene?

    Personally, I feel that considering childbirth obscene is misogynist. How about you?
  13. chica

    Spoilers and TOS

    After receiving a lot of contradictory information from different people, could Davidt please explain to me in what situations spoilers have to be used on this forum according to TOS? I'm asking because I wouldn't like to be banned just because I didn't have the right information. Many thanks!
  14. chica

    How to sell sex legally if you're a teenage girl

    How to sell legally if you're a teenage girl Bikini car washes, inexplicably sanctioned by many parents, teach girls the best way to turn a buck is by stripping down for men. Ah, the sights of summer: movie lines snaking 'round the cineplex, kids splashing in wading pools and scantily clad...
  15. chica

    Should fetuses with lethal anomalies be aborted?

    I had a conversation with a religious person, and he claims that anencephalic fetuses shouldn't be aborted because we don't kill handicapped adults or adults who will die very soon so why should we kill handicapped fetuses who will die a couple of hours or days after birth. How do you actually...
  16. chica


    Could you please leave me your phone number? Thanks, chica
  17. chica

    What STDs have you been tested for?

    Ever, in your life. The more the better, so don't be shy!
  18. chica

    Species: an artificial divide?

    Argentine dog saves abandoned baby An eight-year-old dog has touched the hearts of Argentines by saving the life of an abandoned baby, placing him safely alongside her own new puppies. The country's media are calling him "the miracle baby". He was born prematurely to a 14-year-old girl...
  19. chica

    How does one add a poll to an already existing thread?

    I know that people used to be able to do it, I tried to edit the opening post but there was no option for adding a poll.
  20. chica

    Children's sexuality

    (Poll added - multiple choice, public votes!) As all parents probably know, in their early childhood children discover that touching their genitals gives them pleasurable sensations. Sometimes they rub on the edge of their bed or other furniture. My question is, how should a parent react? And...
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