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  1. hatfull


    I know we have a weather reports thread, but I felt the snow deserved its own thread! You can tell by the fact I'm on here on the day, school is closed! I was just leaving when the caretaker rang and told me not to bother. Who am I to argue? :D I have to say, there's almost a foot of snow, I...
  2. hatfull

    The Official 'Demons' thread. Anyone else watch? My initial thought was 'agggggggggggggggghhhhhh! Not a fake American accent!' but within 5 minutes I'd more or less forgotten about that. The fabulous Philip Glenister stole the show...
  3. hatfull

    Download Frank Turner's new single and support Breast Cancer campaign!

    One year ago, a close friend of Frank’s, (and my best friend) a lovely, sparky lady called Lexie, died after a long battle against breast cancer. (she's the one with the pink hair!) She was just 38 years old and her death left two little children to grow up without their mum. I'm here to...
  4. hatfull

    The X Factor

    Every year, I swear I'm not going to watch the whole series, just the auditions. And yet, already I can't wait to see how some of the people get on at boot camp! My husband has lost interest now that the auditions are over, so this is a thread for those of us who guiltily find ourselves hooked...
  5. hatfull

    Urban legands

    During the Easter Holiday, I was catching up on back issues of magazine (a fine magazine) and they had a wonderful article about urban legands, which they refered to as 'whale tumours': the reason behind the name goes back to this urban legand: after WW2, the British...
  6. hatfull

    What colour is your belly button fluff?

    My husband always has blue belly button fluff. I don't really get fluff in my belly button, so I don't really have anything to compare it to. Does anyone else get this? :confused:
  7. hatfull

    The 'Ashes to Ashes' thread

    Think there may have been one before, but still. I don't always get to watch it, normally in bed at 9.30, but I really enjoyed it tonight. My Hunt quote of the episode: "What's going on here then? There's enough bever munching going on downstairs without you two starting as well." :D CLASS...
  8. hatfull

    oooooooooooooohhhhhhh, gossip!

    Has anyone else been told something unbelievable but highly confidential recently? The kind of thing that would make great gossip if it wouldn't be more than your job was worth? Nearly killing me keeping it in!:eek:
  9. hatfull

    computer help

    GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My new computer which has fkn vista has suddenly decided to deny me access to saving pictures from google images, and the help option seems to have vanished from the tool bar! Any ideas anyone?
  10. hatfull

    Bad xmas pressies thread!

    I hope nobody things I'm ungreatful. I appreciate it's hard to get presents for people at this time of year, I'm sure I've got people some bad ones before, but while most of the stuff I've recieved had been lovely (necklace from mum, money, part of a camera etc) I've had one or two things that...
  11. hatfull

    The weird illnesses thread

    Yes, I am attention seeking :D my husband is busy fitting himself with a gas mask and biohazard suit :eek: :yes, I have scarlet fever I am quarantined for 5 days :( pissed off I left all my work at school and bored already. So, I was wondering...
  12. hatfull

    The 'I'm a Celeb' thread.

    I love this programme! It rules! Where the hell do they find these people? Bepe from Eastenders brother? The bird from Catatonia? I can't wait! Anna is driving me mad already...
  13. hatfull

    Happy Samhain!

    Happy new year to all of my fellow Pagans and Wiccans: I know there used to be a few here in OT! For those who don't know, Samhain (Sawain) is Pagan New Year, when it is said the veil between the world of the living and the dead is at its thinnest, and it is from this festival Halloween...
  14. hatfull

    Old wives tales

    A few of us seem to be suffering with some kind of illness, and I thought it might be fun to have a thread where we could give any pearls of wisdom that have been passed down to us to cure any ills, or any other old wives tales you've heard that have amused you. I used to be told that if you...
  15. hatfull

    The 'I love Ikea' thread

    Ikea is my favourite shop ever! For all those who agree, here is a special thread...
  16. hatfull

    Let's hijack Brighton UK

    HAPPY FIVE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. hatfull

    How do you eat jaffa cakes?

    I realise some of you may not eat them, but I was just sitting here, picking the chocolate off the top of my jaffa cake at the weekend and thoroughly enjoying it too, when my husband informed me that I was eating it incorrectly :confused: so, how do you all eat them then? See poll for details...
  18. hatfull

    Strange experiences

    I know there was a thread about dreams before and weird experiences, but the dream one has been archived, so here's another! Has anyone ever had a weird experience that they can't quite explain? Here's what's happened to me this week: I've just been on the phone to a very good friend of my...
  19. hatfull

    why did you join solo?

    being very nosy, I just wondered if there was a reason you joined solo (other than to talk about Morrissey!)? I myself joined because a) I'd just got a computer and b) a bit of my life went kind of belly up, and I wasn't going out as much as I had been. plus, my friends were sick of me talking...
  20. hatfull

    Happy 10, 000 Kewpie!!!!!!!!

    Well, almost there! Well done to the most knowledgable member of solo and happy7000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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