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  1. JoyDiv007

    Yeah I don't know too many Moz fans in Ohio, really sucks.

    Yeah I don't know too many Moz fans in Ohio, really sucks.
  2. JoyDiv007

    Hello from Manchester!!

    Hello from Manchester!!
  3. JoyDiv007

    What did make you smile today?

    I didn't notice that till now.
  4. JoyDiv007

    What did make you smile today?

    I went out anyway, it was just drizzling by then. Finally got a hair dryer too, as mine didn't work here but it worked in Australia??
  5. JoyDiv007

    Incomparable Inhumans

    There have 4 cases of this happening in Cleveland and in all of them the parents had just regained custody of the kids. It's so sad, how could a parent kill thier own child.
  6. JoyDiv007

    What did make you smile today?

    Aww that's really cute!! I love dogs!! It nice chatting with you this well evening for me anyways.
  7. JoyDiv007

    Bad Architecture

    Maybe the stairs are in the back?? I'd not want to have climb that everyday.
  8. JoyDiv007

    Top veggie restaurants?

    The Vegan Village in LA is really good.
  9. JoyDiv007

    I met Morrissey tonight

    OMG!! That's so cool am really happy for you!!!!
  10. JoyDiv007

    Cat on the head possible to do

    Cute photo!!! My friends cat is too big to put on my head.
  11. JoyDiv007

    Can u smell the burning animal flesh at Moz's fave LA hangout-Cat & Fiddle?

    Yes the rarebit was pretty good. It's a nice place to sit outside and have a drink. People take their dogs there. We need more outdoor seating here.
  12. JoyDiv007

    False Promises

    I had a friend like that, she always made plans and always canceled for some odd reason.
  13. JoyDiv007

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    That would be a great job.
  14. JoyDiv007

    Question for NY/NJ people

    There is a train that runs from Newark to NYC, it's fairly cheap. Last time there I stayed in Queens, didn't mind taking the subway. Our hotel picked us up from the airport. A week long subway/bus pass was $24. Have fun in NYC, love going there.
  15. JoyDiv007

    where will you spend your holiday this summer?

    I'm going to Australia next month for 3 weeks.
  16. JoyDiv007

    Trip from SC to CA. Need some help

    Well if you do decide to goto Cleveland, let me know I can give you info. The Rock hall is cool, very expensive but worth a visit at least once. Yes you need to goto Amoeba records in LA. If I let my self could have easily spent hundreds there.
  17. JoyDiv007

    being ugly, a serious discussion

    I don't think your ugly at all, I've been called ugly by people. Though the ones who said that to me I wouldn't want to be friends with anyway.
  18. JoyDiv007

    Lady Gaga pulls out of cover project - Depeche Mode songwriter looses half a million

    Re: Lady Gaga to record Depeche Mode's 'People are people' "I didn't know 'they' exis I can't stand Lady Gaga, she's so damn annoying.
  19. JoyDiv007

    Belle & Sebastian announce US dates

    Re: Belle & Sebastian announce US dates!!! Damn nothing near me, though I'll be out of the country anyway.
  20. JoyDiv007

    25 Horribly Sexist Vintage Ads

    Those were great!
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