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  1. Scarlet Ibis

    2 tickets for Atlantic City - House Of Blues - 1/12/13

    GA standing $69 each - $138 total (below cost - no Tickemaster fees)
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    Chris Gethard speaks of Morrissey on Jimmy Fallon's show

    CLICK HERE to watch Chis Gethard on Jimmy Fallon talking about how he has Morrissey's signature tattooed on his arm. Skip ahead to about an inch before the end to see it.
  3. Scarlet Ibis

    The Adventures of Tiny Moz and Prudence

    Starring: Tiny Moz made (entirely by hand) by Je Suis Julie and Prudence the cat (continued...)
  4. Scarlet Ibis

    Morrissey's Tour Videos?

    Is there a list of all the videos Morrissey has played for us at the start of his shows for each tour? I'm sure there must be. Anybody know? :)
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    Can vegans eat oysters? Why even strict vegans should feel comfortable eating oysters by the boatload. By Christopher CoxPosted Wednesday, April 7, 2010, at 6:55 AM ET Are oysters vegan-friendly?Last summer, I visited a friend in San Francisco whom I hadn't seen in a while...
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    Design some shoes

    Design your own Keds for $60.
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    Henry Rollins makes me sick

    I hate Henry Rollins. This video isn't even the reason I hate Henry Rollins, though it does add to it. I know this has been seen before, but it's been archived and it's time we renewed the hatred.
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    How do you groom your fingernails? Do you file? Do you buff? Do you paint them? Do you get regular manicures or do you do them yourself? Can I see a photo of your nails?
  9. Scarlet Ibis

    Standard Poodles

    Have any of you ever owned a standard poodle? Are they good family dogs? I'm considering adopting an older puppy - around 5 months old, I believe. She's a rescue from a puppy mill. She has knee problems and needs surgery, so it'll be awhile before I can have her. I've owned smaller poodles...
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    Request: photos of Morrissey's sweat heart

    Those of you who have taken photos of Morrissey as he performs live, could you possibly post or PM me your photos of the heart shaped sweat stain that he gets on his back? It's for an art project I'm working on. :) I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
  11. Scarlet Ibis

    I'm In A Good Mood

    Good morning, everybody. :D
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    Tell Me Why I Need A Mac

    I'm getting a new laptop. I was going to get a PC, but many of my friends are telling me that I should get a Mac. Which do you prefer and why? Also, have any of you ever switched from a PC to a Mac and regretted it?
  13. Scarlet Ibis

    Morrissey Show Injuries

    I think I might have broken my finger during the Shirt Fight at last night's show. I'm hoping it's just a bad sprain. What injuries have you suffered at Morrissey concerts?
  14. Scarlet Ibis

    The Museum Of Menstruation

    The Museum Of Menstruation And Women's Health What a strange museum! There are some really interesting articles on this site though. Put down your V8 and have a looksee.
  15. Scarlet Ibis

    1 Copley Symphony Hall Ticket - Row D

    Anyone need a ticket to see Morrissey in San Diego on Dec. 8th? Copley Symphony Hall. Row D. Face value plus shipping. I won't release this ticket until I get my replacement ticket on Nov. 27th, supposedly.
  16. Scarlet Ibis

    Morrissey Needs This

    It's a jacket that James Dean wore.
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    10 More Questions

    1. When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up? An artist of some sort. Illustrator, mostly. 2. Who, besides Morrissey, is your favorite musical artist? Robert Smith and Johnny Marr. 3. What did you have for dinner last night? Sashimi. 4. What are you looking forward to...
  18. Scarlet Ibis

    I wish Morrissey would sing "Sing Your Life" when he gets to the U.S. in December.

    Anyone else? That song means so very much to me and I've never heard him sing it live. That is all.
  19. Scarlet Ibis

    10 Questions

    1. In Which City Were You Born? Washington, DC 2. Morrissey or The Smiths? This is a super difficult question for me. I want to say The Smiths, but I listen to Morrissey more... So I'm not sure. 3. Your Last Dinner Would Be...? Blueberry scones, clotted cream, and tea 4. Best Childhood...
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