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  1. T. H. Auden

    Question Peugeot ad

    What Peugeot ad is spinning around in his head, in This Is Not Your Country? Somebody knows.
  2. T. H. Auden

    What is Morrissey up to? (speculations)

    What do you think Morrissey is up to these days and during these times? :)
  3. T. H. Auden

    Morrissey statement overview

    Is there somewhere (e.g. wiki-page, forum thread) where I can find an overview/list to look at (with links), or a compilation, of all Morrissey statements that he has given, to the deceased True to You and Morrissey Central, sorted by year/date?
  4. T. H. Auden

    The Bobby-code

    In my country, an important easter tradition is to watch British crime series on tv. And in one of the series, set in the 60's in Northern England, we heard "bobby" being used as a slang term for police officer/constable. So the lines (from Late Night, Maudlin Street) "Inspector, don't you know...
  5. T. H. Auden

    The «World peace» question

    I took a long nap after work today, and when I woke up I thought about something I haven’t thought about before, namely that that Morrissey in 2014 recorded and released an album and a song named World Peace Is None Of Your Business, not long after appearing on the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in...
  6. T. H. Auden

    Band T-shirts

    Hey Morrissey experts! Today I am interested in t-shirts. Does anybody have an overview of all the t-shirts (with slogans, e.g. "We hate Willam and Kate", "Assad is shit" etc.) his band members have wore, in concerts and/or videos through the years?
  7. T. H. Auden

    Once I saw the river clean - meaning?

    Hey, english is not my first language, therefore I'm not familiar with all expressions and idioms in the language, so I wonder what does it mean to see a river clean? Is it a common expression and what does it mean? Normally rivers have clean water so it's transparent, but maybe the rivers in...
  8. T. H. Auden

    Wikipedia experts?

    Hey, maybe someone with Wikipedia skills here could update the review section of the new album with more reviews? I Am Not A Dog On A Chain
  9. T. H. Auden

    What makes Tim Jonze’s The Guardian and his peers rise up from their couch?

    Is it to fight injustice and poverty? Is it to march in protest against nuclear weapons? Is it to demonstrate against the war in Syria? Is it to give help to those starving in South Sudan? What is it that upsets them? Is it politicians who do not take the climate crisis seriously? Is it the...
  10. T. H. Auden

    Morrissey reading Proust

    Alsatian Cousin posted this little gift on YouTube yesterday. Morrissey reading Proust on the first Morrissey solo-/Smiths farwell-gig. Very fitting excerpt to read. And before you all shout "old news!" at me, I hadn't heard this before, and I thought that could apply to other fans as well.
  11. T. H. Auden

    Morrissey on Clickhole

    Morrissey is featured in a post on the fake/parody news Instagram account Clickhole: I wanted to please escalate this to the main page.
  12. T. H. Auden

    Why Morrissey loves Tel Aviv

    LGBT culture Named "the best gay city in the world" by American Airlines, Tel Aviv is one of the most popular destinations for LGBT tourists internationally, with a large LGBT community. American journalist David Kaufman has described the city as a place "packed with the kind of ‘we're here...
  13. T. H. Auden

    Morrissey interview in Norwegian paper VG

    Morrissey angrer ikke på 22. juli-uttalelse: – Jeg er i mot alle drap - VG It's on top of the website of Norway's largest tabloid newspaper. Google Translate to English Morrissey does not regret the 22 July statement: I oppose all murders
  14. T. H. Auden

    Is the Vulgar Picture web-site down? It is a really great resource for pictures of Morrissey and The Smiths artwork. I know it hasn't been updated since 2010, but now I can't even access it! This is a scandal, I think.
  15. T. H. Auden

    Hotel choice for Morrissey

    The large Scandinavian hotel chain, Choice, with something like 5000 hotels, have now stopped serving bacon and hot dogs, in their breakfast buffet, on their Comfort Hotels line. This could be accommodation that Morrissey should consider when the choice is there (just to joke a bit). PS. Here...
  16. T. H. Auden

    "Continuous"- songwriting credits

    I looked up World Peace on Wikipedia and on two of the songs, Neal Cassidy Drops Dead and Kick The Bride Down The Aisle, there is a credit for "Continuous" along with Morrissey and Manzur/Tobias. What does this mean?
  17. T. H. Auden

    Clothes Question

    Does anyone know what brand this shirt/sweater is? He used some garments of this type on the 2013 tour.
  18. T. H. Auden

    Boz in Oslo

    On Sunday Boz posted pics on facebook from his hotel room view in Oslo. Seems from a previous statement that he arrived on Friday. Has anybody in Oslo seen anyone from the band, or even Morrissey? I also wonder if anybody here has bought tickets to the concert?
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