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  1. Vicarinacoma

    Random Smiths/Moz thoughts and trivia thread

    On Jeane he just sounds awful On what differences...he's blatantly flat and tuneless at certain parts Yet he nails the soaring vocal on I know it's over perfectly. I guess he got better but generally in the early days he wasn't a good singer. Jeane is unlistenable. Luckily it's a pretty lame...
  2. Vicarinacoma

    Morrissey's enemies list

    Let's imagine that like Richard Nixon Morrissey has drawn up a list of his enemies. Who would be on it? Who, in the event Morrissey was elected to high political office, would find their tax returns suddenly subject to increase IRS scrutiny by all Morrissey's men? Mike Joyce would be on there...
  3. Vicarinacoma


    HI, everyone...anyone! Been a Moz fan for a while. I like his singing mostly. He's got a very moving voice and obviously he sings about things that, let's say, Level 42 don't/didn't sing about. And he's funny too. and he looks cool! I'm not gay, or aught but it gives him a certain...
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