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    Wanted: original "I started something..." t-shirt

    I'm looking for an original "I started something..." t-shirt. Ideally size small or medium (19-20 in pit to pit). Doesn't have to be in perfect condition, but wearable. Shoot me a message if willing to sell one. Will pay top $/pounds.
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    In Manchester June 30, looking for an original Smiths t-shirt

    I live in the US and will be in London and Paris June 25-July 6 on vacation. I'm making a day trip to Manchester on Thursday, June 30, and would love to find an original Smiths t-shirt while in Manchester. If anyone has one for sale and lives in the area and can meet me in person, then send me...
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    June 30 visit to Manchester, need suggestions!

    I'll be in London June 25-July 1, and have planned a day trip to Manchester on June 30. I'm a lifelong Smiths fan, and have already arranged a tour of Salford Lads Club, and I'm looking for other suggestions for a die-hard Smiths fan. I'd also love to find a vintage Smiths t-shirt, so any...
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