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  1. DrStatham

    Morrissey Central "Wikipedia" (June 8, 2021)

    Does he not realise he can just edit the articles? Oh well, I have done it for him. Nice to see him calling these things out actually, he doesn't very often comment on song meanings.
  2. DrStatham

    What song are you listening to right now?

    The original version of Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen). I know it may be controversial but I much prefer it to any other version.
  3. DrStatham

    Morrissey A-Z: "Lucky Lisp"

    Which double entendre?
  4. DrStatham

    Morrissey A-Z: "Lucky Lisp"

    Morrissey? Sexual? Nah fairly sure Reel Around the Fountain is just about dancing /s It is natural that we assume Morrissey's songs are about sex and/or homosexuality and/or Johnny Marr because we know a lot of them are, but I think a lot of his songs don't really have a deeper meaning and...
  5. DrStatham

    Morrissey A-Z: "Lucky Lisp"

    I don't think it is about homosexuality at all, all the evidence is a bit tenuous. It is just one of those songs in which Morrissey is 100% taking the piss. It is not meant to have a message or a real meaning imo, it is just a play on words with 'lucky lips'. I think the point is that it is a...
  6. DrStatham

    Morrissey A-Z: "Lucky Lisp"

    That is not right. I heard somebody say it once but I have found absolutely no source backing it up. Most likely he is referencing the fact that a four leaf clover is lucky, so a nine leaf clover is extremely lucky. It is just humorous exaggeration on the theme of this person being extremely lucky.
  7. DrStatham

    Whale blubber Wilde

    Listening to both the original studio version and the Rank version, it is definitely 'whale blubber'. Doesn't sound like weird lover at all in the rank version. It is a tongue in cheek description, I don't think it is meant as a genuine insult. And as to why he didn't give any description of...
  8. DrStatham

    Pat Nevin autobiography

    I am intrigued by a great many things here. First off, the fact that seemingly during this period he was actually called Steven by people who knew him irl. Secondly, the gym. And also the fact he considerably played down his own football knowledge. Very interesting read, thanks for saving...
  9. DrStatham

    Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY NEW ALBUM" (May 30, 2021)

    'Bonfire of teenagers' is a rather interesting title. Are the teenagers creating the bonfire? Is the bonfire in honour of the teenagers? Are the teenagers in the bonfire? It is a relief that Morrissey is still producing new material anyway. One way or another it will be released in the next few...
  10. DrStatham

    SER Twitter & FB: "Who’s ready for the big announcement?" (May 30, 2021)

    This has to be the rumoured new album, right? I am not sure any tour, even a UK one, would warrant a reveal like this.
  11. DrStatham

    Morrissey A-Z: "Lifeguard on Duty"

    I quite like it. I think lyrically it so perfectly sums up his style. Depressing and dark, yes, in a way, but with a lot of humour and silliness in there, and contrasting with the more upbeat musical backing.
  12. DrStatham

    Zack Snyder's recollection of making "Tomorrow" promo video

    Morrissey beautifully summed up in one quote
  13. DrStatham

    Morrissey Central "BMG DUMP MORRISSEY" (November 16, 2020)

    That explains why there has been no further announcement about the reissues I suppose. A real shame considering his recent albums have sold reasonably well... All the bad publicity hasn't massively harmed record sales. Are BMG really being hurt by the association? I doubt he will struggle to...
  14. DrStatham

    Morrissey's music isn't for women

    This is obviously trolling but idc I will respond anyway. Morrissey is famous now and has millions of fans who would kill to spend just an hour with him. So by that logic he doesn't understand loneliness any more either. Loneliness is not just about not having people who like you, it is about...
  15. DrStatham

    Morrissey's (?) cat died today

    Did he shoot it after somebody told him 'when usually it's nothing surely you're happy you should be this way'?
  16. DrStatham

    Song lengths for IANADOAC

    Intrigued by 'My Hurling Days Are Done'... Is that a reference to the sport? May well be considering his Irish roots. Jim Jim Falls I cannot work out though.
  17. DrStatham

    Song lengths for IANADOAC

    Southpaw was just mad in terms of song lengths. I don't mind a long song if it is justified, but too many of them are ambient noises or overly long instrumentals. Southpaw, the Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils and the Operation might be more highly thought of with better editing...
  18. DrStatham

    "Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?" release (Jan. 10, 2020); album sleeve revealed?

    Shall we start the theories about who 'Bobby' could be? 2/1 somebody mentions Robert Smith.
  19. DrStatham

    "Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?" release (Jan. 10, 2020); album sleeve revealed?

    Personally - I don't have anything against long songs, but I'm not sure there are enough different lines/verses to justify the length really.
  20. DrStatham

    "Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?" release (Jan. 10, 2020); album sleeve revealed?

    Can't remember what site it was even on (Facebook maybe?) but somebody recently met Boz Boorer and he reportedly told him that the new album was unlike anything he had done previously. So intrigued to hear this in full...
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