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    What are you obsessing over lately?

    My exams. I have 4 this week, and have had 5 already. Evolutionary Biology, Animal Behavior, Entomology Identification, Endocrinology. It's fair to say I am obsessing over how epic this week will be and how pissed I am gonna get when it's over.
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    What does Morrissey have for his birthday tea.....?

    Kittens and the blood of a white rhino.
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    I guess I'm officially bi-sexual now

    Aww, I always kiss my female mates, am I a lesbian? Oh shit I've kissed gay men too..AM I A GAY MAN?
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    My teeth f***ing hurt
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    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    about 5 minutes before that i posted on facebook "is it me or does stewart lee look like moz" and my friend replied "a chubby version"
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    Post your famous rock star rider

    a f*** tonne of diet coke beer, preferably stella (for i am a wife beater) xl bacon double cheeseburgers (from burger king obv) I am without a doubt the classiest bird ever.
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    what are you eating right now

    the cap of a bic biro. im a stressypants atm, havent had anything but caffienated beverages and cigarettes for days
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    Knitted "Mini Moz" charity calendar 2012

    I'm in if you do another lot..infact i'll have 2
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I am thinking about how there is no way i can make it till midnight revising in the library if by 6 my brain is already so much mush i just thought it'd be ok to put something that was just on fire ie a lighter, agaisnt my face.
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    Give me your 10 track Best of The Smiths

    What difference does it make Girl afraid Cemetry gates Stop me if you think you've ehard this one before You just haven't earned it yet baby These things take time That joke isnt funny anymore Ask Sweet and tender hooligan I started something i couldnt finish ...i think :/ I'd...
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    Hello, How is everyone? Decided to join, aside from being a big fan, as I am desperatly doing anything to avoid revising the evolution of the jaw :/ I'm not sure what to say really, but I always make these threads on forums as I am a massive egotist. Only thing remotely interesting about me is...
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