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    "Dear God Please Help Me" - Original Morricone Mix

    Could any kind soul share this? It was some clever clogs' mix of Morricone's original arrangement and the final product.
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    "Beautiful" by Brett Anderson (Yes, the Christina version)

    Most welcome surprise of the year goes to recovering genius Brett Anderson for his cover version of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful". This is kind of what I was waiting for from his YouTube videos - something original, insightful, special... something only very very few people could pull off...
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    Request: Robbie Williams Tracks

    Anyone got "She's Madonna" and "We're The Pet Shop Boys" from Rudebox?
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    Rufus Wainwright singing Pet Shop Boy's "Casanova In Hell"

    For those of you who aren't going to buy PSB's new live album Concrete (which you should, by the way - it's blooming magnificent), here's Rufus singing one of the best songs of the year:
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    Jack Straw and his innate hatred of Muslim women

    That got your attention. So, what's... your... opinion?
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    Scissor Sisters' Ta-Dah

    They've only gone and done it again. This album is f***ing fantastic. It wasn't broke, so they didn't need to fix it. More of the same sparkly, camp nonsense about drag queens, disco boys and, er, killing people. Once again the Bee Gees have been sodomised to death, along with The Elt, PSB and...
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    Bowie - Monster To Ashes

    Bowie - Monsters To Ashes Just been listening to this lately. Thought some people might not have it. I forgot to add the last track, but you can live without it. The Alternative Scary Monsters 01. It's No Game No.2 (Alternate take, derived from...
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    Kill Uncle Depreciation Thread

    Shit, isn't it?
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    Steve Irwin's Dead

    Are your shocked smilies ready for this? Whoever comes up with the best joke gets a wave hateful messages. Try your worst.
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    Some stuff

    The Smiths - Derby Assembly Room (7 December 1983) Videos (.mov) - 1. Handsome Devil 2. Still Ill 3. This Charming Man 4. Pretty Girls Make Graves 5. Reel Around The Fountain 6. What Difference Does It Make? 7. Miserable Lie 8. This Night Has...
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    Someone condense everything that's happened since last Thursday for me please. Extra points will be awarded for brevity.
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    Rufus Wainwright Bootlegs

    Anyone got any good ones? Possibly his seemingly magnificent Carnegie Hall gig? I'd die if I heard him sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".
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    McAlmont & Butler - "Speed"

    Now this is music I'm excited and passionate about at the moment. Any soul fans should give it a go. Modern soul at it's best, really - sonically innovative, experimental, breathtaking vocals, classic lyrics. It all smacks of a real love of music, as well. Single releases without the incentive...
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    Best Albums of 2006 (So far)

    1. Pet Shop Boys - Fundamental 2. Morrissey - Ringleader Of The Tormentors 3. Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit 4. Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint - The River in Reverse 5. The Sleepy Jackson - Personality 6. Prince - 3121 7. Guillemots - Through The Windowpane 8. Neko Case - Fox...
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    Sign My Petition

    It's for a good cause - me.
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    The Shirelles

    No depression. No transexuals. No medieval, ancient, dark wave or gloomy sounds. No graveyard soil with their albums. Just some of the most sumptuously arranged music and wonderfully lush vocals ever. The Things I Want To Hear (Pretty Words)
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    Favourite TV Shows?

    I'm going to avoid the obvious ones that I love (The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy etc) and say The X-Files and Twin Peaks. Two of the most intelligent and knowing TV shows, I'm proud to say I've seen every episode of each at least five times (and am currently going through seasons one and...
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    The only poll in town that matters

    What should I do with my newly acquired €350 ($440, £250)?
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    Songs To Parallel Your Life

    Isn't it great when a song perfectly evokes the emotions and actions you're going through? I'm not talking about generic sad or happy songs, but songs with complex and conflicting emotions and specific references that make it seem like the song in question was written for you. For instance...
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