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    Morrissey on Janice Long this week

    I was listening to her show last night on Radio 2 and she said that Morrissey will be on at some point this week but she's not sure when at the moment... I guess we'll have to keep listening to find out.
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    The LGBT Thread

    As promised, here is a thread for all the members that are LGBT! General discussion, political discussion, hawt photos, relationship troubles, classified ads (;)), etc etc etc... I'll start with something of interest: Popstarz (a gay club in London) are having a Morrissey night after the...
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    'Je Suis..' shirt, WHBC shirt and ROTT medal for sale

    Official Morrissey Ringleader Of The Tormentors medal Official Morrissey t-shirt 'Je Suis Morrissey' West Ham Boys Club t-shirt Morrissey I didn't want to sell any of it but I'm in dire need of money so I'm selling anything that I don't use or wear enough.
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    Star and Garter - March 7th

    I will be attending for the first time in ages. Who else will be there?
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    Hamburg Oct 3rd 2008 October 3rd, on sale on Thursday.
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    Wanted: Stalls ticket for Sunderland

    I am only interested if its between rows A and F though :o
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    Girl In A Coma confirmed as tour support
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    General admission standing vs front space/circle standing

    This is probably nothing (:rolleyes:) buttttt.... On Ticketmaster and Seetickets/Gigsandtours, you were only given the choice of one standing ticket type which was general admission. But when I looked on the Roundhouse site, they gave you a choice of what type of standing ticket you...
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    Sever Busy

    The service is currently busy Please try again Unfortunately, we are experiencing a much higher level of demand than normal and are limiting the number of simultaneous users in order to provide the best possible level of service. You may try again as often as you wish. Please note that...
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    Parking in Camden

    I was just checking to see what parking the Roundhouse has and they have none and you're not allowed to park on the street (I totally forgot that Camden council frowns upon people parking on the street). However Ticketmaster says "on street parking available". I have been trying to contact the...
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    Just called the Roundhouse

    I just called the Roundhouse to ask how much tickets will be and they said "We're still waiting for these dates to be completely confirmed so as yet we don't know". Thought that was a bit strange since they go on sale in a couple of days... :confused:
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    Fans wanted for photo project

    Hello, I'm looking for Morrissey fans for a new photography project of, surprisingly enough, portraits of Morrissey fans. I'm going to be shooting in Morrissey-related locations in Manchester and London. I'm also planning on taking photos of people queuing at the shows in 2008. If you...
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    hotel sharing in ny

    hey, i'm coming over from the uk for all 5 shows and i was just wondering if anyone would like to do a hotel/hostel share with me? i get in on the 21st. if someone has any idea of cheap hotels/hostels near to the venue (they don't have to be but i don't know how much taxis cost in ny!)...
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