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  1. DrStatham

    "Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?" release (Jan. 10, 2020); album sleeve revealed?

    Some people reporting 'Bobby Don't You Think They Know' is on YouTube now, which would be the first from the forthcoming album. I was sent this link: But it isn't working for me. Got 9 views though. E: Looks like the release date is 10/01/2020, as Anonymous suggested, which is why it is...
  2. DrStatham

    The Cricket Thread

    Not sure if there is the interest for any kind of cricket thread, but we'll see how it goes as there is a football one... So just post like whatever about cricket (proper or T2o nonsense ;)).
  3. DrStatham

    M's voice on Southpaw Grammar?

    Hi, I have often thought that M's voice on Southpaw Grammar sounded a bit ... off. Almost as if he had a bad throat or had recently suffered from a bad cold or something. I have heard the odd muttering that he did in fact have flu soon before recording but I cannot find a single source. So does...
  4. DrStatham

    Request: It's Over cover

    It's on Spotify but not where I am, same goes for a lot of people. Anyone want to be a hero and make me love them forever? Many thanks :):):)
  5. DrStatham

    Brett Anderson lyric themes

    Right, there are plenty of references in Suede lyrics to bestiality... So why isn't this discussed at all? Is this not weird to anyone else? I did a quick (wary) search to find anything, but there are no articles or forums that I can find that discuss why Brett Anderson has this strange...
  6. DrStatham

    Never Again Will I Be a Twin; what the f**k does it actually mean

    Usually I can at least think of one reasonable interpretation of a song, or get the general gist... But this is one of those rare instances where I have got absolutely no clue whatsoever. What does any of it actually mean??? Can anyone help???
  7. DrStatham

    This Is Morrissey LP Release date change

    Sorry if this is already somewhere but Crash Records just sent me an email: ' Hello, You have ordered the above album from us on our website and we just wanted to clarify the release dates on it as they were not on the original listing. The CD album will be released on Friday 6th July and if...
  8. DrStatham

    Meaning of the last lines to 'When Last I Spoke To Carol'?

    Hey, For the most part When Last I Spoke To Carol is pretty plain in its meaning, but the last lines always confuse me: 'She had faded to / something I always knew / to the rescue / nobody ever comes out' Maybe I am just being thick here, but does anybody know what that means? Cheers guys
  9. DrStatham

    I Starting Something/Suedehead connection

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but does anyone else think there may be a connection between I Started Something I Couldn't Finish and Suedehead? One interpretation of I Started Something is Moz getting into a relationship that he doesn't really want and now feeling guilty, not...
  10. DrStatham

    Meat is Murder 08/02/86 file?

    Hi! I see there was a link to a download for a live version of Meat Is Murder from the above date in another thread, but the link has gone dead. Would anybody be able to get me the track? Many thanks
  11. DrStatham

    Voice at the beginning of Black Cloud?

    Does anybody know what that voice is at the start of Black Cloud? Can't even make out what it says let along work out what it is from... If indeed it is taken from anything. Any ideas?
  12. DrStatham

    Morrissey - 2017-10-11 Schwuz, Berlin, Germany - Webcast [720p]

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had a recording of the Berlin Live performance from today? :)
  13. DrStatham

    Has anybody got a download or complete list for all Smiths/Morrissey rarities?

    The link for 'the never heard symphonies' no longer works, so does anybody have the complete download for that unofficial collection, or at least a list of everything that is on it? Thanks.
  14. DrStatham

    Spent the Day in Bed available on spotify

    A few days ago that link was posted ( where Spent the Day in Bed is reportedly available as of tomorrow... With all the talk of radio broadcasts people seem to have forgotten this, so is it still happening? Anybody...
  15. DrStatham

    You Are the Quarry Korean alternate cover

    Does anybody know about the Korean version of you are the quarry with an alternative cover, as alluded to in Autobiography? Any ideas about where I could find it? Because it doesn't seem to be the current way it is printed in Korea, so I am struggling to find it. Thanks :-)
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