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  1. TheFirstLostLady

    If you and Morrissey had a child, part 2.

    I wanted to post a reply to this thread but since it's a "read only"-thread, I started a new one...cause I really need to share this awful thing with you. So, I registered at Morphthing and uploaded this hot picture of Morrissey and this cute picture of me as a child See, it...
  2. TheFirstLostLady

    San Francisco?

    Today, my friend and I decided we want to move to San Francisco :p Kinda big decision maybe, but we're thinking the first step could be having our practical training there (which is included in our education) next year. We've actually never been to San Francisco, we just think it seems to be...
  3. TheFirstLostLady

    Shirt prints

    I found a website where I can design my own shirt, and since I don't have anything with Morrissey I decided to make one. But...after uploading my fav pic (ok, one of them...) it looked like this: As you can see, it doesn't look good with a black "frame" on a black shirt. Especially since...
  4. TheFirstLostLady

    Covers on youtube

    I don't know if there's already a thread like this, but at least I couldn't find one. Anyway, you may know many people like to upload videos of themselves singing and playing the guitar on youtube. Well, I'm one of them ;) Sooo, I thought we could have a thread where we post our own covers of...
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