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  1. modrevolve

    One GA ticket for MSG theatre for sale

    One floor GA ticket for sale $150 - face value Hard ticket priority shipped stateside.
  2. modrevolve

    Blur B-sides help

    Can anyone help..I purchase the Blur 21 boxset and there are some b-sides still missing. I can't find these on iTunes for purchase and would rather not but the cds used just for one track. Drop me pm if you can help..thanks Modern Live is Rubbish singles For Tomorrow - CD 2 For Tomorrow"...
  3. modrevolve

    Morrissey rumored for Firefly Festival (Delaware, June 18-21, 2015)

    Morrissey - rumored headliner at Firefly Festival in Delaware
  4. modrevolve

    What 2015 Releases Did You Buy?

    So far this year Belle and Sebastian - Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance - 4 Disc LP Deluxe Edition Sleater-Kinney - No Cities To Love - 2 LP Deluxe Edition
  5. modrevolve

    The Pablo Cuckoo tape has been released on vinyl

    Was just at a record store and saw it has been released by a German Label. I can't believe anyone would want this boombox recording on record, but it does come in a pretty blue vinyl...
  6. modrevolve

    What 2014 releases did you buy?

    Thinking about all these top album lists, I decided to go through my collection and list all the albums released in 2014 that I bought (doesn't count for reissues and such. Based on what I spun the most this year, I guess my top records would be Honeyblood's self-titled and Ex-Hex "Rips"...
  7. modrevolve

    Top Album lists of 2014

    So far I have seen WPINOYB listed at #31 on Mojo's annual list and #27 on Q's. Any others?
  8. modrevolve

    Ride to reunite in 2015

    Can I just say bring them all back..Lush..Catherine Wheel..Pale Saints..Moose. the more the merrier! British shoegaze pioneers Ride have reunited and will tour across the world next year. Their forthcoming dates include...
  9. modrevolve

    James - Curse Curse video

    Love this video. Can't wait for them to tour America again.
  10. modrevolve

    Matt Walker playing live in Chicago Friday night

    In case anyone is interested, Matt is playing drums with Jason Narducy (Bob Mould, Superchunk, Robert Pollard) and his band Split Single. Looks like the show is sold out, but this tweet from Jason made me laugh..
  11. modrevolve

    Would Morrissey ever crowd surf at a festival while wearing a dress?

    should we start a poll? Xuz5Z5nPJlc#t=258
  12. modrevolve

    Most Impressive Smiths cover version - The Guardian

    Buckley's version of I Know Its Over :tears:
  13. modrevolve

    For Sale - One ticket for The Lincoln Theatre - DC

    No gonna be able to make this one Asking face - $87.50 paypal payment only - digital ticket will be e-mailed upon receipt of payment please pm to discuss
  14. modrevolve

    Is this a deluxe copy of the cd here?
  15. modrevolve

    Washington DC date (June 11) added to tour

    looks like a smallish venue with a capacity of only 1200 with tickets purchased right off of their site..
  16. modrevolve

    Wanted - 1 Pit for Hershey

    Drop me a pm if you can help me out..thanks
  17. modrevolve

    James - The Whiplash Sessions

    This was asked for a few years but the thread has been archived. Done anyone have the complete collection of demos from the Whiplash sessions that they can share? I have a few that were uploaded by someone on youtube and what was included in The Gathering Sound.
  18. modrevolve

    No Morrissey booksigning in New York on Dec. 12 - @BNUnionSquareNY

    UPDATE Dec. 8, 2:40PM PT: DubbalinGirl posted the link: The Queue Is Dead: No Morrissey signing in NYC; bookstore announced appearance ‘in error’ - Vanyaland Excerpt: Here’s the email we received minutes ago, in full, from a B&N rep: I’m writing from Barnes & Noble Union Square. There was a...
  19. modrevolve

    Morrissey on the cover of new book "The History of the NME" by Pat Long

    I'm sure he is thrilled Description from 'The NME mattered to all those generations who grew up with music at the centre of their universe. The NME never had a truer chronicler than Pat Long.' Tony Parsons Since it was founded in 1952, the New...
  20. modrevolve

    Anyone have this Muchmusic clip from 1992?

    September 1992 - Fax (Muchmusic, Canada) Interview with fans and concert excerpts from the 15th of September concert in Toronto.
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