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  1. Anaesthesine

    "List of the Lost" review in the London Evening Standard

    Re: Review of List of the Lost in the London Evening Standard by Samuel Fishwick. I'm still waiting for my copy of LOTL to arrive, so I cannot comment on the merits of the book. At this point it does seem doubtful that I'll be able to plow through it given the density of both the prose and my...
  2. Anaesthesine

    NPR Reviews Morrissey: Autobiography

    Excellent read - thank you.
  3. Anaesthesine

    Morrissey booksigning in New York (Thursday 12th December, 7pm) - @BNUnionSquareNY

    Re: Morrissey booksigning in New York Thursday 12th December, 7pm Holy Hell!
  4. Anaesthesine

    Stephen Colbert references Morrissey appearance

    Last night on "The Colbert Report" Steven Colbert had some choice words for Morrissey (who made an appearance earlier this year). Colbert took a moment at the very end of the show to welcome a staff member's new baby (named Harrison). He said in closing:"Hopefully Harrison will be less demanding...
  5. Anaesthesine

    Smiths are for Kids

    Here's a rather irritating little Smiths tidbit: Three Bands Everyone Pretends to Like More Than They Actually Do: Excerpt: "Today hearing 'That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore' is nice for...
  6. Anaesthesine

    Rammstein in America - finally!

    Rammstein are playing their first American show since 2001 next Saturday, at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The show "sold out" in about 30 minutes, and everyone panicked and sent ticket prices soaring - it was $200.00 just to get in the door. There are still plenty of seats...
  7. Anaesthesine

    Morrissey's message of (non)violence

    Here's a letter published in yesterday's Salon: Excerpt: A Non-Violent Philosophy Begins at Breakfast "During the '80s, I was a huge Smiths fan. I've got nearly all their cassettes...
  8. Anaesthesine

    Font or Stache?

    This gives a whole new meaning to the word typeface:
  9. Anaesthesine

    Real America

    Check out these absolutely stunning color slides from the early 1940s: Taken by Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information photographers, these look like something from a dream, or a movie...
  10. Anaesthesine

    Gay Marriage Ban Overturned

    Some good news for a change: SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge overturned California's same-sex marriage ban Wednesday in a landmark case that could eventually land before the U.S. Supreme Court to decide if gays have a constitutional right to marry in America. Chief U.S. District Judge...
  11. Anaesthesine

    Comic Nerds v Hateful Baptists

    This is awesome: The Nerds at Comic-con took down the Westboro Baptist Church (of "God Hates Fags" fame) in a stunning display of ironic venom featuring cartoon characters, space aliens and an actual...
  12. Anaesthesine

    Five Favorite Filmmakers

    A burning question for the culture vultures still circling this site: which directors are in your top five? I'll start: 1. David Lynch 2. Jan Svankmajer 3. Werner Herzog 4. Stanley Kubrick 5. Woody Allen
  13. Anaesthesine

    Gone to the Dogs

    What a way to celebrate freedom on the 4th of July: c8k33oioneo&feature=player_embedded This is what animal welfare advocates do best: 120 beagles rescued from a laboratory, who had never seen the outside world. Thank goodness for goodness.
  14. Anaesthesine

    Louise Bourgeois, RIP

    The last (and one of the very best) of the old guard, Louise Bourgeois, has died at the ripe old age of 98. She was a transcendently great artist in so many mediums. The fact that she was able to turn out amazingly innovative, beautiful, profound work for seven decades is a testament to...
  15. Anaesthesine

    Empathy Quiz

    A study involving 14,000 American college students shows that this generation is far less attuned to the emotions of others than any previous generation: Interesting, although I'm not going to pass...
  16. Anaesthesine

    Rand Paul

    So, teabagger Rand Paul has won the Republican nomination for senator from Kentucky. He has already made it known that he thinks the Civil Rights Act is out of line, and he supports the right of all private sector businesses to actively discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation...
  17. Anaesthesine

    For the Love of Octopuses

    PETA may occasionally step out of bounds, but they are absolutely right to bring this to people's attention: I think octopi are amazing, and I am going to contact the Queens DA's Office today. :mad: :tears:
  18. Anaesthesine

    Greater Love Hath no Otter

    Here's a tale of two creatures who couldn't live without each other. It's a bit sad, but beautiful, too. We should all be so lucky:
  19. Anaesthesine

    Aging Degenerates Tear it Up

    Shane MacGowan, Nick Cave, Chrissie Hynde, Johnny Depp, Mick Jones, Glen Matlock and friends got together for their version of I Put A Spell on You to aid relief work in Haiti: A pretty smokin' version of the Screamin' Jay Hawkins classic, and for a good cause. :thumb:
  20. Anaesthesine

    John Lennon (belatedly)

    Yesterday was the 29th anniversary of John Lennon's murder. I don't see a thread for it, so I just thought I'd commemorate it with this post, from the comment section on this article (by Joe Scarborough, of all people) On Huffpo...
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