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  1. dom

    What's it like round here?

    Hi all dom here from many moons ago. I stopped posting on this site when the BS and overall tone on here was just beyond fun for me. Hi if you remember me and hi if you never shared words on here. The last straw for me was when I was more or less told off for publicly congratulating and...
  2. dom

    Cover songs by fans

    Hi all Long time since me posting! Just wanted to return with an acoustic cover I did of Suedehead! Don't crucify me! :D I acknowledge I will never be anywhere near as good as Mozgod :) Just wanted to show my tribute to him! Anyone else done covers they can share?
  3. dom

    A word of warmth to the line organisers at Moz gigs

    Just wanted to drop a quick (late) post to say how touched i was (before the Albert Hall gig) that there was a queeing list being made for people who had been queeing there the longest. For those who are dedicated enough to arrive from lands afar and get there at 4/5/6 in the morning, this is...
  4. dom

    Does anyone treat Morrissey as their God? Literally?

    Does anyone treat Morrissey as their God, quite literally? .. and his songs as their hymns (so to speak) and going to his gigs as like a church service (so to speak) .. Is this either definitely the case . slightly the case .. or not at all or maybe it's more a subconcious thing? dom x
  5. dom

    Any Morrissey-Solo people going solo? (alone)

    With all this talk and threads about cancellations i can't help but have the natural survival response of un-anchored possitivity. Its the only thing i can do right now cos im jus gonna be worrying about it for the next 3 months. So i hope no-one minds me thinkin ahead to the UK dates with...
  6. dom


    i have used the advanced search for these .. honnest .. i really can't find these. Im sure they're around here but i just cant see them. Could anyone sort me out with these?: Afghan Whigs - How Soon Is Now Braid-This Charming Man Carter USM- Panic Halo benders - please, please, please...
  7. dom

    The Official Kewpie Thread

    Hey all, and particularly Kewpie This thread is dedicated to the one and only Kewipe. I start this for two reasons; Firstly, to add some thanks for the tireless unpaid work she does, and as a tongue in cheek apology for being a moany bastard at her in the first 2 months of joining this...
  8. dom

    Reckon this could be a good song for Morrissey to cover?

    Was listening to this recently and thought it would be a good song for Morrissey to cover. What you think? There are some of you who can't seem to access the video for some reason or other. For those people, the song is "Say Something" by James...
  9. dom

    Moz's Birthday in about 5 months. Wat u doing? Buying? Sighing?

    Mozers Birthday soon-ish if i'm not mistaken (Sorry - 5 WEEKS, not months as i've put in title. Appologies) What are people getting him, if anything? - What have you bought him before? How about buying all his albums again? Twice? The new "Terminaor" film is released on the same day...
  10. dom

    Why don't you find out for yourself?

    Anyone else find this amazing song a bit ruined by the electric guitar being used instead of an acoustic? Luv dom x x
  11. dom

    Morrissey Manor

    Sorry if this is a bit pointless, but i'm personally so obsessed with the word 'Morrissey' that i can't help but stare at it over and over again in any kind of writing - italic, bold, lush, simple, glorified or otherwise. Thus, i came across a university called Morrissey Manor. If only it were...
  12. dom

    My opinion of Moz-solo and general atmosphere of this place, and users.

    I just thought I would voice this just cos I fancy doing so – sorry if this pisses people off, it’s not meant to. I came upon Morrissey-solo as a bit of an accident - I was searching for Smiths DVD's on Google and a title link came up that looked promising. i clicked on it, and some strange...
  13. dom

    Im going to Manchester in a week. Can people tell me the Moz / Smiths places to go.

    no one can be arsed to answer this question so just skip to the next thread.
  14. dom

    How much of a fan of Moz are you and in what way? (list you CD's-T.Shirts-Books-Love)

    How far are you a fan? Maybe in terms of CD collection, shirts, books, how many concerts you've been to etc... Or maybe you just feel you are a huge fan simply by your love alone? Either way, list all your evidence. For me i don't have any collectors items, or many Moz items at all to show as...
  15. dom

    What was the first single and album you ever bought?

    What was the first single and album you ever bought? Mine are not very flattering at all. You know how many people will say something really cool. Well, mine give me slight less street cred First single: Britney Spears - Crazy First Compilation album: Now 40 First proper album: (I...
  16. dom

    New Moz single - What do you think of his consistency compared to other bands?

    Ok, i got Moz's new single today, as well as the new Radiohead album and listened to both on the train back from UNI How people grow up, yea, heard it over the weeks and isn't too bad. Something Moz could write with his eyes closed and ears waxed up though really. I prefer Squeezing my skull...
  17. dom

    Favourite Smiths song(s) EVER and realted video?

    I think similar threads have been posted like this, i had a search, but they have gone dead, i think, sorry if i am wrong. After 3 years, i have finally decided which is my favorite ever Smiths song - "I know It's Over" - Every single time i listen to it, it sends shivers after shivers after...
  18. dom

    We all need to rip this youtube video to threads

    Hi everyone I was just searching youtube to try and find live recording of Moz's new songs and i came across a piss take called BRAND NEW MORRISSEY SONG - "OOH I FEEL RATHER DEPRESSED" I have changed this thread from an 'oh my gosh this is so...
  19. dom

    Ebay seller selling hints on how to get backstage passes etc.

    What do people think of this? A load of rubbish, a dream to good to be true, or a bargain? I'm a bit weary considerng it's a mere 2.50. The page is this; ... Do you need Tickets for MORRISSEY's new tour I'll show...
  20. dom

    Morrissey could have mimed with Girlfriend In A Coma. Good idea?

    Hi I was opening a boring plastic bag today in the supermarket i work at while sadly imagining my now none existing journey down to London tomorrow and seeing Mozz on stage, and i had a thought. What if Morrissey called 'Girlfriend In A Coma' back on and just simply mimed with them, just...
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