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  1. modrevolve

    Looking to buy Morrissey 1991 Harvey Keitel shirt

    just an fyi for anyone who pm'ed me, this shirt sold a couple months ago. I don't check this forum anymore and didn't realize the demand.
  2. modrevolve

    Looking to buy Morrissey 1991 Harvey Keitel shirt

    I have an original in great shape size xl I would part with.
  3. modrevolve

    Morrissey shirts for sale

    I know I know ya...
  4. modrevolve

    morrissey u.s. popularity

    He cancelled MSG 2007 and Barclays in 2014 off the top of my head..Kind of a joke now but people still show up.
  5. modrevolve

    Bad news - Philadelphia postponed "due to illness in the touring party"

    Philly is now officially cancelled. Refunds to come.
  6. modrevolve

    Boston time changed, but the show goes on

    Boz’s wife Lynn posted pics on her Facebook page of heading to Boston. So unless they have non-refundable hotel rooms, my guess is the show is still happening.
  7. modrevolve

    One GA ticket for MSG theatre for sale

    One floor GA ticket for sale $150 - face value Hard ticket priority shipped stateside.
  8. modrevolve

    Madison Square Garden - presale code

    Got my GA ticket in the mail already.
  9. modrevolve

    Madison Square Garden - presale code

    come to think of it, any concert I have been to at MSG is mail or box office only. The box office is usually open several hours early to pick up your ticket..good luck!
  10. modrevolve

    TTY: 'More Morrissey' (Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago in November); El Paso cancelled

    $100 for Royal Oak plus fees. Pretty small venue as I remember the last time I saw Moz play there. There was something really funky from what I remember regarding tickets there. Like they would allow people who bought their tickets and printed them online first in the building before anyone...
  11. modrevolve

    Where is this WPINOYB reissue?

    Curious as well..wonder how much..
  12. modrevolve

    Blur B-sides help

    Can anyone help..I purchase the Blur 21 boxset and there are some b-sides still missing. I can't find these on iTunes for purchase and would rather not but the cds used just for one track. Drop me pm if you can help..thanks Modern Live is Rubbish singles For Tomorrow - CD 2 For Tomorrow"...
  13. modrevolve

    Tony Visconti - My top 6 productions - Team Rock

    Adele is not a fan.
  14. modrevolve

    10 year anniversary of Ringleader Of The Tormentors

    If you ever saw the Pearl Jam video for Alive, that is him on drums. He is primarily a studio drummer.
  15. modrevolve

    New album of Jeff Buckley cover versions includes two Smiths songs

    When I saw Moz in Memphis in a few years ago, I drove by the exit to the river where Jeff drowned and almost started crying while driving down the highway. Regarding Tim, this is one of the most beautiful music performances I have ever heard
  16. modrevolve

    Chick rock compilation

    I'm sure it was merely a spelling error..but number one is Ex Hex not Ex Rex..led my Mary Timony..and my favorite album of last year :guitar:
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