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  • Thanks so much. I'm still on my Morrissey High, I think it'll last a few days at least. I'm so sorry you couldn't be there. My extra ticket went to a girl who was a first timer. What a way to start. She is hooked now. Hope to see you in the future (when all's well).
    Btw happy belated bday! I see acc to your blog, it was March 23rd?! So how old are you now?! :) I'm also a member of flickr BUT only so I can see/comment on a friend's TOO COOL MOZ photoshop pics she makes! If you're not aware, YOU HAVE TO CHECK THESE OUT THEY ARE LOL HILARIOUS and I love that it's JUST HIM and no one else! here's her addy: www.flickr.com/photos/mozgarden. Cheers! Kar :D
    Aww your blog is TOO CUTE! Luv all those adorable Whippet pix! Yeah since they are in the Hound group of doggies, their instinct is to chase after anything that moves, including and espec the poor, helpless bunny rabbits :O easy prey unf :( When I can squeeze in the time to do so ,I'd love to further indulge in your blog. Btw LOVE that you title each entry w/ Moz song titles! And that's great that you saw him live in Buffalo, NY recently! Just saw him LAST NIGHT at the new House Of Blues in Boston! My 4th Mozcert! it's the closest he ever comes to my area up here in northern New England :( That's too cool you heard Moz b4 the Smiths, cuz w/ most fans it's the other way around! I love the vid for your fav "Tomorrow" How he's walking in front of the camera and looking right at you or so it seems! Chat to ya later! And VIVA MOZ!----Kar
    Hi WhippetGood :) (luv the name/reference/avatar!)
    user no one in particular found the pic of me on someone's Flickr site after the show and brought it to my attention. :cool: Here I was worried about my little 8x11 sign blocking people's view during the show :o but I didn't have it up the whole time... just long enough for him to notice & inquire within. :D
    Whoops! My bad! I figured you were a new fan since you just joined the forums ; March 19, 2009!!! Yeah, I love blue and yellow together! No, I have 2 bunnies and a senior cat of nearly 15 yrs of age! had a Golden Retriever for 13 yrs, had to put her down as she developed cancer of the throat :( Still miss herm a great deal. Ribsy what a cute name! My bunny is Andy and he's a Castor Mini Rex rabbit of 2 1/2 yrs, he's my baby:D he's tan& white, wish I could send you pix but I don't have my own pc, I have to use the library's :(. Also have "Fuzz" a black & gray FLUFFY Lionhead rabbit of just 5 mos old adopted from SPCA . "Giorgio" is a white long-hair Turkish Angora mix cat also from the SPCA. You are the 1st I've chatted to who got into Moz via YA alb :) Neat-o!
    Luv your avatar! I work at my local SPCA and am a BORN animal lover just like Moz :D is that your doggie?! I take it you are a newbie fan? Write me back plz so we can become friends!---Karrie
    I am considering the Olympus 1010, Canon Power Shot SX110IS, or the Panasonic TZ5. My friend has the TZ3 and loves it. Panasonic gives you a lot for your money. Sony the opposite. I'll never buy a Sony digital again - doesn't handle action or low light very well. The battery drains after a few simple snaps - very mediocre camera. Thanks for your advice.
    Thanks!! My other friend has the exact same camera and she loves it. It is one of the few cameras that allows HD videos and zooming during videos. I've heard it's pretty good in low-light. My Sony Cyber Shot W150 sucks. Sony should stick to making TV's. LOL.
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