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    Brixton Academy, 28/05/09

    Spare standing ticket if anyone's interested. £35.00. cheers..
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    Dundee ticket for sale

    Dundee standing ticket for sale.. Spare standing ticket for the Dundee gig. £30.00 if anybody wants it. cheers :)
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    Hartlepool Borough Hall

    If anyone has a spare Hartlepool Borough hall ticket they are willing to sell, please let me know. Can offer a swap for either Dundee or Brixton Academy 27th as well. cheers..:);)
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    What's your favourite female singers?

    Belinda Carlisle. :)
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    Good versions of all 4 of the new songs HERE

    Cheers for this, much appreciated..:)
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    The Official My Ticket Has Arrived Thread

    Mine arrived for Dundee yesterday, bought from ticketmaster. Still waiting for Brixton tickets from gigsandtours. :)
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    The Official My Ticket Has Arrived Thread

    I got my tickets Got a ticket for the 1st Brixton gig today, I was quite surprised to say the least. :)
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    The most under-rated Mozz song?

    Yes it's one of my favourite songs, but it's also underated.
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    The most under-rated Mozz song?

    Southpaw, has to be one of my all time favourite Morrissey songs.
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    moz best song musically?

    For me, Let Me Kiss You has the most catchy guitar bit.
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    XFM Live Hour: Morrissey live @ Roundhouse

    Thank you very much for this. :);)
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    Moz---> ManU or WestHam?

    Morrissey came out for the encore for the Newcastle gig in 95 wearing a 1950's Newcastle United shirt.
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    i need help-check this out

    I have it, but will not be able to upload it until tomorrow. :D ;)
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    Gmex 23rd tickets back on ticketmaster.
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