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  • thank you!! haha my sarcastic mockery of some of the threads lately was not as effective with the incorrect grammar.
    oh dear and wonderful mod, kewpie is not around and i made a typo in my thread, would you pleeeeeeeease fix it?

    have i told you how wonderful a mod you are?
    Wow, 2 weeks off. I NEED THAT! Life has been strange lately. Extra actually. It's not so great. I feel like I'm slipping below the waterline. I need a month long vacation from everything (minus Moz :p)
    Hi Karin; good to hear from you! I could be better; trying to find an inexpensive place to live. My father is probably going to be sent to a nursing home so I am sad about that. But I live with him, and sometimes it's too much for me. I am on disability so (for my epilepsy) so I am only working part time in a bookstore right now. MONEY! :o( Have a great evening, Karin! Cols x
    Work was very tiring. :(
    I'd better get some sleep now.
    Have a lovely afternoon. :)
    How pretty! How have you been? It's SOOOO hot here. I am looking forward to Fall! What's new with you?
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