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  • Hi vicarinatutugal,

    As you are one of my eight friends in this forum I’m sending this link specially to you It is found originally on the artwork thread.

    I have post a video on Youtube called “On the Rampart of the Verandah”, it is a little pointless and bore, I know. But at some moment it seems to me necessary to do it.
    This video is something which I still couldn’t classify. Image produces the word that produces image! The song on this video is "Moonriver" incomparably sung by Morrissey. But please don't get too much inspired! Light still shines somewhere
    I hope you enjoy it somehow.

    Here is the link:

    Hello dear, can I ask you a practical question? In my Options on here I requested no email notifications for subscribed threads, and still I receive them every day. What did I do wrong?
    Hi Karin.
    That's a shame you didn't get a ticket:(. I sat out in the rain and waited outside the ticket shop in Edinburgh and i got my ticket:D. I am not sure it Aberdeen has sold out so if you want to you could try there. Looking at the dates they only have one day before Aberdeen so they might add an other Scottish date but not in Scotland. You could try calling the ticket scotland shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh and see if they have any left because they have a certain amount to sell and might have some left.
    Oh dear that's bad luck about it landing on his Birthday- he's not James fan is he:p.
    I am pretty good, i've got a job:D.
    Grrrrrr, I posted the message on my own message board, meh. So here it is: Hey sweetie, I feel your pain, my cousin will visit us today with the wee godson and hubby and I are not exactly sick but a bit cold-ish. So I don't know what to do. I think it'll be okay, cause I feel fine, just sneezing a bit. Oh whatever, it can't be that complicated. Are you off today?
    Hey missy, I haven't even seen that profile pic of yours. What a lovely smile you have! :sweet: How was work? How's the cold?
    A message to Karin and Kiltie:

    A friend of mine is traveling for work to Paris, London and Scotland next week. He has been to Paris and London before but not Scotland.

    I told him I knew some people who may be able to give me some ideas for what he could do in his spare time, of which is very limited.

    He will be in Linlithgow, Scotland. He wants to walk the streets, take in the fresh air… and let that lead him to a pub. :) Any suggestions? Thanks!!
    haha! Well, thanks for the kitty, given me some much needed calming down and cheering up!
    hallo vicarinatutugal.

    i really like your car! thank you for showing it to me.

    additionally: Goobbye.
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