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    Morrissey is in Dublin

    Do me a favour and put me on your ignore list. I have had enough of you and quite frankly do not want to see my posts quoted by you. You had the guts to talk lies about what I had supposedly said after the Troxy concert and then went into a fake hizzy fit about that I'd supposedly claim a...
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    i have a disease

    Sex Sells
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    What do you mean by "killing homosexuals" and "promotes the killing homosexuals"? I don't know what you mean, but my guess is, that by how this site is run, this would fall under that person's opinion. It is a fallacy of a few anti-Christians on this website to think that all Christians are...
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    You know just as well as I do that Flax is not a hardcore atheist. Just let it go, this is not the question here. I did not regard this as ridiculing me at all. I took it as further information as to what a poor person Flax is.
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    Where did I say that I found the drawing of the devil offensive? I didn't. I know better than that. Why should I find the drawing offensive? Are you saying that this might have been Flax's intention and the reason why he posted it? Did you have a look at the website that the link leads to? The...
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    Kewpie, we are not talking about your "opinion" stuff here that you so much like to use to excuse why you find things directed at yourself offensive but not if they are directed towards others. And I do not care if you find it offensive or upsetting, this is not the question here. Pointing out...
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    Pointing out my signature the way he did had no relevance for the topic of the thread. This is trolling.
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    Why didn't he get an infraction for trolling?
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    Message from Morrissey re:Johnny vs. Dave Cameron

    Shoes - Stella McCartney Does she design other shoes than these and the trainers? They look completely unsuitable for the one metre snow that we currently have outside. I certainly would not wear them in this weather. Does she also design shoes for men? Where are her shoes produced? I...
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    I was not aware that this was included in your answer. But I think I now understand what you...

    I was not aware that this was included in your answer. But I think I now understand what you meant. It seems easier but once things are destructed it isn't.
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    Did you ever see a zombie outside the movies? Do they remind you of the war?

    Did you ever see a zombie outside the movies? Do they remind you of the war?
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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I don't think it is, if you dismember a chair or a table or an apple for example. :love: Now I know how I am going to wear my blouse tomorrow.
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    The God Squad- Religion obsessives and philosophical types unite!

    Hello? :crazy: How about you come off your high horse? But thank you that you admitted that a) you cannot read, b) you are full of prejudices, c) you cannot comprehend simple texts, d) you cannot repeat simple texts, e) you lack a basic understanding of what "God" means. You can copy and...
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    Morrissey and Rick Astley

    Interestingly this picture pretty much matches my superficial image that I had of Morrissey until two years ago. Rick Astley is a father of a daughter, whom he looked after, and his wife works in the movies industry. :D
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    What if

    Oh. :straightface: See, they looked somehow familiar. The haircuts. :o To answer your World Cup question, yes, Germany is still in. I watched the match today and surprisingly found it as enjoyable as the final of the German Women's Football Championship back in the 80s or 90s, when the...
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