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  • aww,hope the kitty is okay.
    nighty night and don't let the bed bugs bite.
    you may have some as you do not wash enough and you are collecting dead skin cells.:p
    maybe,see,other than the mr bubble,all my soaps i get from this place called lush,they are all organic and finely crafted.and they have many great scents,i believe they are online,you should try them out.
    i love showering anyways.i may take one in a while,i was a bit sweaty after my bike ride,then i was out in public with all those people,regular people.:p
    i do not know! i was watching some dumb show,as i like to fall asleep to the t.v.,i cant sleep in silence,i have bad ringing in my ears,and i thought of it and then it just slipped my mind this morning,like i recalled i had a question,and i thought you would enjoy answering it,but it has totally slipped my mind,i hope it comes back.:rolleyes::p
    yes,i knew it,groceries are good,i would invite you over for dinner,but you would probably not shower first.:p
    hahah,i may just be visiting this planet but i want my stay as enjoyable as possible.:p
    and whatever,if one offered to spend that much on food for you ,would you decline it?
    do not lie.:D
    before i fell asleep i thought of this great question,but it slipped my mind,next time i will message it to you so incase i forget,
    well,i would they rather not have children too,i would just wish more would be safe and take precaution so that they would not even have to consider an abortion.

    but it was on top of the fridge,i looked inside,i just did not look on top.:p
    i went to the grocery store today after a bike ride and spent 280 bucks!!!!!
    but my kitchen is now stuffed with food.always a good feeling.
    hahaha.i was going to have some kind of serious retort but i see you are talking to yourself again.
    too few abortions huh,haha horrible,i like it....


    it was on top of the fridge,haha,why i do not know,found it later last night.:rolleyes::p
    thats really early for you,you wont be able to do it,unless you drug yourself,and if you do,why are you not sharing with me?:D
    see,i am pro choice ,but personally i think i am pro life,if that makes sense,if i was a woman i would not have one but i dont want to impose my view on anyone else,but personally i think they are way over used and i feel they should be done only when it is needed.,too many people think they can just wash away a mistake with an abortion,sad.
    i like pink and brown together,it looks nice,so agree,yet again.
    and i hate that.:p
    how are you today?:)
    and i knew you would,one should never say this is it,it makes it harder,and whee is the harm in something if you like doing it,just break up your time more,take a day off here and there,and youll either drift away or youll feel better you do not waste all your time online and enjoy it from time to time and still do other things.that make sense?
    well according to religious lunatics it is not,but to me its a far more ethical thing,i mean i would prefer if that person was just on the pill,and then you would not have to even have the debate, but at least with the morning after pill i think the person takingit will fee and be l better,i have known a few girls that had to have abortions,and it really f***ed them up for a while,they were upset,rightfully so,but a lot of thoughts came to their minds,and not to mention going to get one and have those people outside protesting and taunting them,the next morning its just some cells,maybe not even that,would i prefer they just use birth control or condoms ? and just practice safe sex? of course.i am still waking up so i think i am full of incomplete thoughts,so i may add to this..
    haha,im trying to change my picture but its being a jerk and not loading it,i only joined last night so i am still learning all the ins and outs.:rolleyes:
    you know how old people can be with new things.
    so,how has your day been?
    you could,i am not sure,before last week i would have said the odds were better,i will find you on there! after i figure it all out,its all knew to in like 5 minutes.:p
    my name on there is very original,its my name i use for basically everything.:rolleyes:
    i used to think she had "thoughts" about you,if you catch my drift.:p i have never been high on chocolate,i have been high off drugs,but not chocolate.:eek::rolleyes:
    i just joined,so now i have yet another site to log into,haha.
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