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    Hey everyone! Anyone out there have this new app “Nimses”? It occurred to me I had no idea what to post, so I decided to make possibly the app’s first Moz appreciation profile. Username is “Bigmouthstrikesagain”. Come say hi, follow me, enjoy the posts, or whatever. Have a few ideas. And...
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    Aberdeen - BHGE Arena (Feb. 16, 2018) post-show

    Great show! This was my first Morrissey concert, and it was also nice to hear “If you don’t like me, don’t look at me”. Solid performance from the man. Jack the Ripper was especially well done. Nice to be front row too! Only complaints were the drunken fools in the crowd. Screaming in your...
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    Aberdeen show

    Hey everyone! I managed to bag myself a ticket to Moz’s show in Aberdeen. Only 1 though. Any chance a fellow Morrissey fan fancies making a new friend in aberdeen in February?
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    Never seen Morrissey live

    Pretty solid setlist, I must say. Even with that encore!
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    Never seen Morrissey live

    Hi all! Still fairly new to this site so I thought I'd chip in. I have a confession to make. In my short (seemingly long) 21 years on this earth, I have never had the privilege of seeing Moz in concert. I can sense the Moz concert veterans glare. With this new album announced, of which I have...
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    Welcome to Morrissey-Solo

    Didn't expect that kind of reply but you do you, man :thumb:
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    Welcome to Morrissey-Solo

    Hi everyone! I have no idea how all this works but I'm a new-ish Morrissey fan from Scotland. Been listening to Moz and The Smiths for about 6 months. Absolutely hooked ever since I heard Piccadilly Palare, hence my username. So, that's me!
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