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  • lol...don't think I've been on AIM since the last time I chatted w/ your crazy see if I still have it on my desktop.
    Happy almost birthday!! :) At least you got an excuse for still being up right're drunk...I just can't sleep!?! I hate that! lol
    Whadya do tonight, anything good?
    Good stuff!! I'll be at both shows too! Only 2 months to go.....ugh....I wish I had that remote Adam Sandler had in that movie Click...I would totally skip the next two months of my life to make it March 25th tomorrow. Sad, huh? LOL :D
    Yeah, I was DD and I was on-call with my work. Double suck, but at least I didn't get called.
    Yeah I think after drinking I can bust a move too. But I can't eat cake. It goes straight to my ankles and I can't dance!

    Hahahaha, oh Interpol. I still love them. I couldn't take the music they had playing though. They went from TLC's Waterfalls (which is bad enough) to oldies to JD. What the hell? It was unexpected at a hipster dance party. Or maybe I just don't know "the scene".

    I'm happy you didn't vomit, because if you did I wouldn't make out with you ;)
    It does make you feel better once it's over though. I just hate having to go through the process of doing it, especially inducing it. Ew!
    Mine was ok. I was bored because I wasn't drinking. I went with a few friends to a dance party, which is mostly funny because I don't dance. I did get dragged out by my friend and his girlfriend when Love Will Tear Us Apart came on. I asked them really loudly so everyone could hear, "This sounds like Interpol. Is this Interpol? Huh?!" Then I stood in my spot in the corner and my friend and his gal wrapped me up in the Christmas lights on the wall and had random people kiss my on the neck and cheek. Weird. I felt really weird.
    Stay away from losers. That's an order. They're no good.
    I did get asked out by my ex a few months ago, but didn't go. I thought to myself "I'm may be close to being desperate, but I'm not retarded."
    I haven't been on a date in forever. I'd be delighted to go on a date and get hammered with on on NYE, Nugz!
    Make sure you don't post it in that private flickr account. I can't login to nugzysexytyme anymore. I guess I'll have to crack that password again.

    I, however, will be my normal non-sexified self tomorrow night. Oh christ another stifled Wednesday night. Why a Wednesday? Did the Mayan's plan this shitty calendar or what? Am I right or am I right?
    Oh, I mean, that's fine in that case. I thought maybe you were going to do something creepy like re-post them on a message board.
    But photoshopping yourself into them, framing them in a heart <3, and placing them nicely over your fireplace is fine.
    I don't have a fireplace, but I have my standard collage of you as my desktop background on every computer I use.
    Merry Merry, nuggles. Many blessings to you in 2009!

    Love, peace and harmony. And alcohol!!

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