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  • Did you know about Rahm:

    During his high school years, while working at an Arby's restaurant, Emanuel severely cut his right middle finger. He sought medical attention only after suffering severe infection as a result of the wound, resulting in the partial amputation of the finger.

    Emanuel was encouraged by his mother to take ballet lessons as a boy and is a graduate of the Evanston School of Ballet. He won a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet but turned it down to attend Sarah Lawrence College, a liberal arts school with a strong dance program.

    Emanuel trains for and participates in triathlons.

    Hold me closer, tiny dancer...:D Too bad he can't give me the double bird for that remark. :o:p
    i think i had a dream about you last night.....i was in an apartment building really late at night visiting somebody and i got off an elevator and the hallway was super dark and i held my phone up to the door opposite the elevator and it was covered in morrissey stuff so i knocked to say i thought it was cool and it was you and we hung out and then you called some other soloer to tell him/her that bagface was at your apt and to come over. yup. really really weird.
    That's one concert I've always wanted to go to... Bruce in Joisey :guitar: I can imagine the difficulty in scoring a ticket. Probably the same odds he'd pull you up onstage for Dancing in the Dark :p.

    I haven't been watching Tool Academy, sorry. See, I don't waste ALL of my time on trash TV. :D

    Bruce killed at the S'bowl!! :guitar: I lol'd when he slid right into the camera! Ha!
    I love his song 'Glory Days'. Takes me back to jamming that CD in my friend's Dad's convertible fire orange '69 Corvette. :cool: I recall the time she accidentally drove down a one-way street :eek:! The Boss'll do that do young, impressionable girls. :D

    Btw... was Rock of Love on Sunday night? I didn't think so.
    What's all that Sober House stuff in your sig? I watched it last night, did you? The show before it... WOW Steven was EFFED UP! I think Shifty is kinda hot. :o Until he becomes a raving crackhead, of course. I wonder what's going on with Jeff? I mean, besides him not being sober.
    Hahaha!!! I did not see that. His hair is the only thing funny about him. :rolleyes:

    I heard this today that (new) Gov. Pat Quinn ordered the 200some toll booth signs (with Rod's name on them) removed first thing this morning. :)

    What a fool, such an embarrassment -outside of! his talk show circuit. :rolleyes::sick:

    Thank God Illinois' 'other son' made good. :guitar:
    I saw the last half hour of it, i hope they show it again soon so i can see the rest. it is horrible, this part of PA is full of those kinds of people, though not quite as bad as the western part of the state. :p the whole subject of homosexuality and the bible is extremely interesting, haha.
    man, I should have turned on Lifetime when you said you were watching it, it's the movie I've been wanting to see! :p it is heart wrenching.
    Brandon was clean shaven, all in black & looking fiiiiiine :horny:
    I love his skinny, f***able bones. :o:D

    I feel dirty now. *Heads to showers*
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