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    Bono rocks, unlike that whingeing Morrissey

    All I know is I suffered the pain of living at 15 and am still doing so at 48. So I know exactly where Morrissey is coming from.
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    Why is Morrissey the best?

    Because he has never sold out. Like one of my other heroes, John Lydon, who now advertises butter on TV. Moz would never ever do something like that. He is one special and unique individual, the likes of which we shall probably never see again.
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    Bono rocks, unlike that whingeing Morrissey

    Maybe because the pain of living does not leave you at 15 and does follow you through life till you are 50 and beyond.
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    Liverpool - Moz walks off stage

    Re: Moz walks off stage Does it matter where this idiot was from who ruined the night for thousands, me included! When I went to see Oasis, there was beer or piss being thrown all over the stage, but that was Oasis for God's sake. Anyone with any shred of understanding of Morrissey wouldn't...
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    It is now Wednesday and Seetickets haven't contacted me yet. Anyone else heard anything? xx
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    Cancel The Tours!

    Believe me when you are 50 it takes a lot longer to get over things than when you are younger. You do not have the same energy or defences as a younger person and are not as able to shake things off easily. In my opinion he needs to take a long rest and reflect on what is best for him. If...
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    Morrissey collapsed on stage

    I know what you mean, but when I begin to read them and see where they are heading I move on to the next one. I am mature enough to ignore these posts and not let them affect me.
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    Morrissey collapsed on stage

    All that matters is that he gets better and is well, even if that means never performing again. What's wrong with you people!
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    Robbie Williams: I wanted to be Morrissey

    Robbie Williams wanted to be Morrissey 'cos he can only write shite songs!
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    The Royal Family

    They serve no purpose whatsoever, except to fleece taxpayers out of our money whilst living a life of luxury. Just like politicians really!!!
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    Hi JJ, Yes that's right, thanks for that, reminds me once again why I can't abide the Royal family. xxxxxxx
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    Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. Let us remember the 96 men, women and children that died that day. I have been going the Hillsborough since I was 7 years old, I have sat in the stand and stood on the terraces where those people perished. Although I was not there...
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    The Official 'Grandparents Of Solo' Thread

    Many congratulations Phill, you don't look old enough to be a Grandad! I know, I know, flattery will get me everywhere! Seriously though, you must be very proud!!! xxxxxx
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    Pregs for the Win

    That is the best thing I have heard for ages:D
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    Star and Garter - January Edition (the best one!)

    I shall be taking a trip over the Pennines to attend my first one since last year. Can't wait!!!!
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