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    I've left.

    I've left.
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    Johnny Marr interview roundup - Smiths and Morrissey mentions
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    "All The Young People..." remix single confirmed for UK, plus Sweden date - Morrissey Central

    But "Back on the Chain Gang" was also slated for a "summer release" IIRC ( Will this mean that that (projected) single will be pushed back? (I'm aware...
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    "All The Young People..." remix single confirmed for UK, plus Sweden date - Morrissey Central

    Thanks for that. Bertus, the Dutch record distributor, states 6 July for a release date as well.
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    Photos of Morrissey at Nico's grave, Berlin - Morrissey Central

    Her first solo LP, Chelsea Girl, is quite OK, with the help of Jackson Browne and her VU colleagues. The harmonium ones, less so...
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    NME to cease print publication after 66 years - shared by Jesse Tobias

    My thoughts exactly. In the late 80s / early 90s, before the Internet, they and the Melody Maker were my weekly sources for any good music coming out of the British Isles (and the US) and I read them religiously.
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    Mark E Smith RIP

    Even though I have been a near-life-long Velvet Underground fan and know very well who Yule is, until fairly recently I always misheard this line as "They couldn't tell Lou Reed from a mule" and thought M.E.S. was just being cantankerous ;-) Ain't it the truth though.... Many people still...
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    Mark E Smith RIP

    Allow me to offer some suggestions while KS compiles hers. This Nation's Saving Grace (1985): Bend Sinister (1986): Extricate (1990, perhaps sonically the most accessible): 45 84 89 A-Sides:
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    How does BMG make money from Moz?

    Not sure about this particular record (haven't got the credits at hand) but previous records were distribution deals, where Morrissey paid for the recordings, owning them in the process (as opposed to the record company) then licensing them to a record company for an exclusive (manufacturing...
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    Biggest problem with Low In High School?

    I voted "other" for "uneven choice of material". Six of the songs I really like(*), the other ones are (to my ears at least) Morrissey-by-numbers, either musically or lyrically (or, worse, both). Production-wise, I never liked the bluster with which the "heavier" songs were approached, neither...
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    "Low In High School" official instrumentals

    This has been my "problem" ever since his comeback with YATQ, after the wilderness years. Two things immediately struck me - his voice had become better, matured, while at the same time his lyrics had grown rather direct, not to say coarse (allowing of course for a few exceptions to the rule in...
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    "Low In High School" official instrumentals

    Same here. Listening to the instrumental "Girl from Tel-Aviv" now, which holds its own quite nicely without vocal. A Leonard Cohen vocal would fit quite well though, or a Paolo Conte one (but perhaps the piano isn't sloppy enough for that ;-) )
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    "Low In High School" official instrumentals

    So do I. His e-mail address would naturally be in there, if anyone needed to contact BMG for licensing purposes. He's simply the sales contact.
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    Morrissey interview + Polaroid photo in German Spiegel magazine

    Bloody hell. First of all, thank you Cornflakes for providing the original German so I could check the source text (which itself is a translation, I'm aware of that, but I also trust that a major German publication such as der Spiegel can translate English into German properly). I know...
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