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  • I know! Now my heart is full! Who knew gas stations were so romantic?! =) It was a great episode-i laughed the entire time.
    Hi. Are you going to see James on the 18th? I'm going. Hope to meet up with you and say hi. :)

    Fran :)
    Oh... I thought it was last weekend (sorry!) Well, luck luck luck...I'm really happy for you 'realizing a dream'!

    I'd gladly pick up the tab for The Who..if only they could make change for a $50,000 dollar bill ;-p So...I'll be the groupie, you can be the roadie.
    Hey, how'd the recording go?

    Also, have you placed a bid on Ebay to be a roadie for The Who? =)
    mod, I watched your band vids last night & loved the songs! They rock! :guitar: And it was super cool to see you in action!! Now, bring the show to Chi-town ;)

    p.s. did you score Who tickets?
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