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  • Have a wonderful Christmas, mod! Hope to meet you in the New Year!

    Love, peace and harmony in this life and all-ways :)

    pffft...I'm not even inviting him. :rolleyes: It's the last place he'd want to be. Or I'd want him. :D

    In 2006, I went alone. I had a 2nd ticket, but my friend couldn't join me at the last minute...I ended up giving my ticket to some poor, sobbing kid whose ticket got messed up at will call. Karma :)

    p.s. um, isn't your crushy gf joining you?
    i got all the tickets i wanted!! sure it was your rooting for me that clinched it :D
    Your new GIRLFRIEND!?! I was going to ask how things were with the (other) crush! :)

    Well, perhaps we should say that SHE and I are friends…and then you came along. ;) :D
    aww, thankyou, did you get any?
    are you coming for any others? im hoping to do from brum through to the end.. *eek*
    8pm for me, too. The show is only 90 minutes long, I guess that's how they did it in the 70's :rolleyes:;) I was going to go solo then my dh kind of invited our friend to go along with me. That's okay, but I have warned him I'm going to be rocking out in my he may want to sit a full seat or two away! :D
    Wish I was going with YOU!! :cool: Have a great time, see you for the reviews!
    Hey buddy, CONGRATS to the Phillies :)

    and Congrats on hitting 1,000 posts! :guitar: I vaguely recall when I did...:o:p

    Hope you are well, chillin' and gearing up for must-see TV nite. I also hope things are going well with your new crush and all things Standard Model.

    Be well!!
    haha no, she really did not, she would be a good parrot, and the cnn polls of independent voters went for biden, fox, with no shock ,says palin won
    that happens though, not a big football fan but the patriots coach was laughed out of cleveland all those years ago,and now look at him.we shall see.
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