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    James Dean Is Not Dead enquiry

    Re: James Dean Is Not Dead enquiry... James may not be dead but the Geocities link certainly is. Does some kind soul here have a copy? I thank you sincerely.
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    2013 albums, what do you like so far?

    Savages "Silence Yourself" Johnny Marr "The Messenger" Mazzy Star "Seasons of Your Day" Foals "Holy Fire"
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    Favorite Lines or Passages from "Autobiography"

    Was I the only one surprised to learn that young Morrissey knew Ian Curtis? OT: RealityBites, how can you say reality bites when you live in the supernaturally gorgeous Sedona?!
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    Johnny Marr: 'Fantastic Man'!

    It's cool and fine that he's a proud non-drinker. I think he's pro-psychedelics though, being a Huxley admirer and having said stuff about tripping with B. Sumner quite a lot. Don't mind me, I'm rambling. Crystal, have you seen that show Portlandia? It's quite funny. "The dream of the 90's...
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    Johnny Marr last night in NYC for Ray- Ban party

    Looks like a beautiful venue, this Angel O. place. One wonders why they were so exclusive with the invitations though - surely a promotional event is meant to draw a lot of people. It looks sparsely populated. I'm just bitter because I didn't get an invite, I don't have the social éclat of Flax :)
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    What did make you smile today?

    And they all have great hair. What's the story with the Amish/Mennonite people though, are they for real or was it performance art? P.S. To me, the utility truck driver looks very much like Moz in about 10-15 years.
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    Johnny Marr last night in NYC for Ray- Ban party

    Oh he's always been a stylish man, true, and he looks wonderful - from his blackened hair to his suede shoes.
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    Johnny Marr last night in NYC for Ray- Ban party

    Isn't this all a bit strange? Johnny's great and everything, but he's not exactly Lady Gaga in terms of name recognition and record sales. It's a tad surprising that Ray-Ban would do a line of Johnny sunglasses - maybe people will buy them thinking it's something to do with Johnny Depp.
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    Dream Thread

    Sleep paralysis is very scary. It used to happen to me when I was a kid; I think it's to do with too much stress 'n anxiety. I had a pleasant dream last night that I was visiting Jimmy Page's spectacular London mansion.
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    Johnny Marr frink thread

    Re: Johnny frink thread Loafers and white socks... who else would dare?
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    Spell your name in songs

    "I decided on 'Kyoto Song' by The Cure for my k..." Good one, Mack. I was going to suggest the Memphis soul classic "Knock On Wood" but that's prehistoric I suppose (still a cracking song tho).
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    Johnny Marr frink thread

    Re: Johnny frink thread Johnny mentioned on Twitter awhile back that they're (Fender?) coming out with a copy of his Jaguar guitar as seen in that blue photo above. I axed him if it would come with the autumn leaves stickers from Walmart and was ignored for my pains.
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    London - Palladium (Aug. 8, 2011) post-show

    Thanks, Nowhere. Didn't Moz address the rioting that's been going on, or has he shied away from current topics after the Norway imbroglio?
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    The London riots - any thoughts/explanations etc?

    Those girls sound like they are from a Catherine Tate sketch. Wonderful future generation we have to look forward to, eh?
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    The London riots - any thoughts/explanations etc?

    Stay safe, Jackie & all the other Solo peeps affected by this thuggery. It's very worrying. It was so sad to see on the news this morning a London couple who looked like they were terrified to leave their homes. The man's eyes were darting around like he was prey. And the footage of the...
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