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  • Haha, I was going to tell you to go for the inconspicuous tat...but I don't want any parentals killing me :D. I'm 18...19 in August. Just so its made clear I'm not like a creeper who's all " old are you? ;)"

    Same! Well, sorta. I like to listen to a band's influences straight up. It helps me understand where they're coming from. I was so into AFI that I was GONNA get some of their lyrics as my first tattoo, but instead decided on my Morrissey tat :p
    Oh no. It hasn't gotten better? That's why I come round here all the time...because any mention of anything in a playful manner about the band members over there is punishable by death :p. My username is Ozzyrocks. I haven't been on in a while and the regs that I knew from back when are no longer regs:tears: so I hardly bother. Unless you were on a while ago, you prob don't remember me either.

    Here the mods seem to just leave stupidity to the mercy of the other board members :D

    So I gotta ask: did you get into Moz when back-checking AFI's influences?
    Yep. For about 7 years. Despair faction for like 4 :D.
    I havent been on the boards in a while. I just show up from time to time
    I presume they will put out a new album and tour again soon. Be prepared though. It's intense and awesome! yay! I'd like to see Adam in his own side project as well. I think that would be very cool.
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