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  • Ah ok, no problem. Yes, I'm also on facebook. Just added you. btw: you still have to answer me some questions: #Why did you wanted to befriend me 'ages ago`? #Who is that mutual friend?
    Ah dear lovely to hear from you thanks i tell ya theres not amny nice people on thsi site apart from you and a few more u ok anyway
    Been awhile since I been here! Hey all! Just wondering WHO ELSE amongst you is also a facebook user cos that is mainly where I am going to now and I would love to add any of you on here who are already on there! My username is karriemoz, of course. Also under my full name Karrie Marie May. So anybody wanna befriend on fb come on over! Thanks Mozfriends! :)
    Oh dear, Moz is sick AGAIN! WTF?! He really needs to rest his overworked voice tenfold! Hope he gets better soon x! :)
    I'm all teary-eyed reading thru everyone's well wishes for our beloved S P M on his big 50th b-day ; how proud his mum must be of her only son! It feels like today should truly be a holiday for us all who so love and admire such a remarkable human being who has changed our lives in so very many ways. Happy big 50 to my fave Mancunian/music artiste. May his light never go out xxoo karriemoz :flowers:
    Hey Carrie! How are you? Sorry for the big big enormous delay in replying you. I read your messages back in the day and I forgot to reply, and I don't look much at my own profile but tonight I was doing it and I saw your messages again and I realised that I didn't reply you. So sorry for that :o Hope you enjoyed Moz gig in Boston. Im sure you did :thumb: I will see him very soon in Manchester. Im going to Saturday 23rd May gig and I can't wait! Nice to meet you. And yes, Virgos are the best :p
    hiya, yes that is my cat "Willow" on my avatar.I will be leaving that for a while! have a fab weekend. John x
    I so LOATHE how you all can just change your avatars at the drop of a hat while I remain w/ a big fat ugly white w/ gray ? mark plastered on mine! :( Grrrr!
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