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  1. justme everyday bundle pre order

    Fingers crossed for everyone still waiting for the EDILS bundle! :)
  2. justme everyday bundle pre order

    indeed! :confused: :mad: So how are you feeling today? ;):D:thumb:
  3. justme

    Anti-Morrissey Immunisation

    :clap: :clap: :clap: no need to say anything else :thumb:
  4. justme everyday bundle pre order

    I got mine today !!w/ Signed pic :thumb::thumb: I'm very, very VERY HAPPY :D wow... :cool::D
  5. justme

    Excuse me Minor Major

    Ah,ah true! which box did you buy? special or deluxe? I´d have to sell my kidney for the deluxe, and maybe I should, but I ordered the other one ;)
  6. justme

    Morrissey on Bowie: "fanatically homosexual" in The Times

    It's not meant to be seen as a critic- it's quite the opposite, I believe. That impression was what made young Morrissey become such an Obsessed Bowie fan, at the time ( and a suitable replacement for Bolan maybe ;))
  7. justme

    Long live los angeles, long live indie 103, long live morrissey

    I'm working today, so I'll be listening as well :)
  8. justme

    Morrissey is NOT racist

    :thumb: Also, to continue in his own words: "Why on earth would I be racist, what would I be trying to achieve? Not everybody is absolutely stupid" :rolleyes:
  9. justme

    Morrissey is NOT racist

    True. I've even seen a post that stated that he had made racist comments about Jews (I remember this one: it was something like God Bless Israel), Muslims (I want to tour Iran), Mexicans!! (no comments... too many to mention) :crazy::mad: It's the sad world we live in - it's easier to join...
  10. justme

    How fairly do you think the Guardian handled "subspecies-gate"

    You might like to read the opinion of Neil McCormick - Music Writer from The Telegrah "It is an unfortunate choice of word, certainly, although not quite the call to rise up and expunge all foreign blood from our soil that it is being portrayed as. It’s a bit off, is about the most you could...
  11. justme

    Morrissey racist? He's just stirring the storm in his tea cup

    I posted it before but maybe it's worth it's own thread - great article :thumb:
  12. justme

    Morrissey is NOT racist

    Yes, I agree- it's good to see there are some proper journalists who actually know what they are talking about :thumb: - a big hug and thank you to Neil :bow:
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