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  • It's never to late to wish me a happy bday! thanks! :)

    Yes, I am in Chicago on the northside...and I know where Palos Park is. Look me up if you're ever nearby :)

    Pix soon? I await your quiffness...:cool:
    Hai! My kids are good. We're all tuckered out from a day at an amusement park. :)
    Happy weekend to you. Be sure to post your new haircut. I hope you're kept the sideburns long :cool:
    It did, but then they let me off at 8 p.m. Even though we weren't busy, my boss was frustrated with us for not acting with... umm... what was the word he used..... oh yes, something to the affect of not being like little busy bees...as if that was suppose to attract customers to come and eat?! :confused: That was getting on my nerves b/c he was rude when he asked me what I was doing, when I was trying to keep busy....andways, I at least got off early, then couldn't sleep because of my stupid neighbors fireworks.....I know, I am full of complaints. :D Ignore them. :p
    was fine. I did nothing. Oh and I worked that night...was a bit sucky and business was veeery slow that night.
    Thank you, I love it. In all of the photos of when I was younger that I have seen so far, I am either being silly, or asleep on my highchair in the middle of a meal...lol, at least that's the case in a few of them. :p
    Oh, wow. She says that? What a complicated girl. Poor thing doesn't go after what she wants, or maybe she really doesn't know? I hope things get set straight. :)
    Haha, yes that's me, at like maybe 2 yrs. old. :p
    How strange. You can only avoid things for so long! Does her going back and forth get irritating? Now I understand what the complicated comment was for...
    Well that's what men have to put up with, but then men can be that way too, very complicated at times. He better learn to live with it and help her tone it down if he plans on being with her for avery long time (marriage, etc.)
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