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  • Aw im sorry. I hope it won't take that long for me lol, but i just don't know...(runs off to cry)
    Yeah I haven't talked to her in a few days. I'm trying to give her time. Kinda hard tho. But o well. I have no choice but to deal with it.
    Yeah...on our 11-month anniversary no less!!! :( I really do hope she misses me, or at least feels bad for hurting me this much. I know everyone goes thru this at some point in their life, but that doesn't mean it hurts any less right now...
    Yeah, im serious. Its...devastating. I miss her. Lots of reasons, but she claims that it isn't my fault and that she's just sort of ready for another phase of life. But of course she wants us to be friends; i can't decide if i want that for myself or not. I just want her back...:(
    Oh it was really awesome. :)

    And if you were keeping score, the relationship that was going so very well is now over as of last night. :( Sadness.
    Ah both are quite good, thanks. :) Love the Jeff Davis avatar. I actually just got to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood about a week ago. They were absolutely splendid, and after the show i got to meet them for pictures and autographs. it was a truly great night. :)
    I#m doing very well..thanks..
    how couldn't i..just a few days til hyde park..can't wait and sleep anymopre;o
    it's all really excitning..just one week later i will fly into holidays to roma in it'll become a nice summer, at least!!:)
    Yes..i made the signature by my own..but i want different..with all people morrissey adores..tough..that will be a LARGE one:D
    and you..everything's well so far?
    lovley greets miry;)
    Yes, i'm over with my certificate of having passed the Abitur (= German university entrance qualification)..and will start an education in august^for 2 a social worker..afterwards i want to study music..big surprise;o..^^..but only when i'm not famous til then; just kidding;)

    i will watch it on friday;o..a neigbour has copied it on DVD..oh..oh..oh..the big day is coming..will it change my feelings..hehe..miry stop yourself..I'm overdoing it now..^^

    so you want to become a teacher..ok..but in which direction..for which subjects..and what age??..Sounds really interesting to tell more..;)

    i saw moz 3 times , yet..not too much*tears*..i just know him since quarry..i saw the irish blood english heart video on our musical channel..and was was too much..i immediately felt in love with him..he was soo sexy..such a beast..i never saw a man like him before..almost in swoon;)..yes..i remember the day..aww..i got a warm feeling again..this was the best day of my life..!!..
    ok, back to the topic..i saw him 2 times in december 2006..and in february of this year in Paris on the was absolutley amazing..and i can understand what you mean..damn..i was on a moz concert..near to stage..and realized it..when it was almost over..i was sooooo happy before ..then in a coma and afterwards very felt like a whole..a deep empty hole..and you just want to see him know that you're in the same town like breath the same see him on stage..and then he's away..when will you see him's really too much..i asked myself..late at the hotel room....whatt is he doing right now...aww i want to be on his's a very starnge feeling..otherwise..he always make me soo's a dilema..but i will see him again on the o2 wireless in hyde park /london..i'm sooo happy and excited..some rumours say..that he will sing a new song from his upcoming album..hmm..we will see..nevertheless..wherever i will stand..i will hear him..i will feel him..and enjoy the other fans..i just stay my ground..and that's good enough;)..

    when did YOU see him the last time..?..and where?..did they play let me kiss you..i always start to cry when it starts..the same thing at pigsty..too much emotions..too much to handle for me..he's soo emotional then..and *swoon*again;)..ok i have to stop's really late right now..wish you a nice day..and lovley greets from cologne..

    xoxo miry..
    oh, i'm time i should read your other messages earlier..i've read that you'll become a teacher,right..:o
    so you go to school anymore...great...not that i liked school..but the holidays..were very fine..the best part of it;)..what would you like to do afterwards..will you go study..or start an education..what do you want to do in future? what direction?..

    i haven't seen it, yet..i'm still sooo scared..i hate ending of a moz ending of ending of youth;)..soo much endings..i need some supporting help me go through this^^ it really so strange??...

    nope..they don't show the original versions on german tv..just the dubbed one..and it's very good..we have good people..they also won a lot of prices for their great speaking work..but I'm able to watch them by a neigbour..for luck...who got american it's quite easy..but as mentioned before..i'm sooo scared;o
    Good luck with the screenplay! What is it about?

    Some buddies of mine wrote a sort of film noir parody script a few years back and filmed it. I ran across the script last week and i couldn't believe how astonishingly funny we were as 15/16 years olds!
    How cool. The world needs more people willing to teach that age group; all of my teachers at that time were obviously uninterested in what they were doing, so its awesome that you're into it. :)
    oh, not yet...was it great?--i'm a bit scared..cause then it's all over..til the 5th one..( i heard that they started to film the first episode from the 5th season.. the day before yesterday..great news, isn't it? ;))..but..yes i's called Wilson's heart, right?..I can't wait for autmn..then they will show them all in german, at I'm able to understand it..just a bit more, all the know^^..cause in english.. it's really hard, sometimes..cause my english isn't very well...but for luck i always understand the context;D..
    So how are you doing..did you liked it?..please tell me not too much details;p
    xoxo and lovley greets from cloudy cologne
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