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    Hawick anybody?

    So who else is going to Hawick? I'd love to know. Any general thoughts/expectations? :D
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    2011 Tour

    Hey, I'm in a bit of a f***ing mess, the worst thing that could've happened has and I won't be able to go to the new date in Grimsby(I live in Sweden at the moment and will have to go back). I've bought a ticket to Hawick from viagogo. I know that the prices are ridiculous but what are my...
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    Both actually! It was mostly because of the lyric but I do have constantly cold hands. Thought the name fitted me.. hand in glove so to speak.
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    lets all be happy and postive

    Lovely post! This'll be my fist moz gig and I couldn'ẗ be happier :D Anyone else going to Grimsby?
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    Hey :) feels a bit weird saying welcome since I just joined the other day as well but here goes, welcome! :P
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    Do you remember the first time you heard The Smiths or Morrissey

    It was a couple of years back, I think I was 14 and my dad had a couple of tracks on his i-pod by The Smiths( I owe my dad so much for this); It was the boy with.., there is a light, cemetry gates, and heaven knows.. I loved the songs instantly but didn't, for some reason, look the band up...
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    Favorite female singer

    Patti Smith, Laura Marling, Tracy Chapman and possibly Deborah Harry. Just realized that I have almost no female singers on my i-pod hmm..
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    Give me your 10 track Best of The Smiths

    Impossible task! But here is my attempt: in a random order.. I wont share you Still ill There is a light that never goes out I know its over The boy with a thorn in his side Hand in glove Asleep Back to the old house hmm... Half a person aaand.. Please please please let me get what...
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