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    San Francisco (tonight - Mar. 9) is cancelled -; rescheduled for May 1

    you have to get used to Moz cancelling, it`s the norm.
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    Edwin Jagger boss Neil Jagger mentions couriering razors to Morrissey

    I also saw this in the Sheffield Star, i was gonna submit this story until i saw what he uses for his Shaving brushes, didn`t seem right somehow.
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    Best song, best line, best lyric right now

    Who can make Hitler seem like a bus conductor? You do, Oh Phoney you do
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    Ryan McGinley's photo tour with Morrissey plus Morrissey's favourite incense

    Irregular Regulars
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    Morrissey - Of Which I Am Most Proud - singles

    For years, Morrissey as always raved about his most recent stuff
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    This Night Has Opened My Eyes T.V perfomance

    Brilliant Video, Cheers for sharing
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    Is Malajusted Morrisseys worst album?

    There are no bad Morrissey albums or tracks so P U S H O F F
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    Def Leppard's Joe Elliott makes another Morrissey comparison

    I agree. He`s a fan of Sheffield United football(soccer) team. They`re are all Piggy Bastards...........BASTARDS
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    Cover versions sung by Morrissey.

    Alan Price - Simon and His Amazing Dancing Bear G.
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    Value of Handsome Devils Les Inrockuptibles CD?

    Following on from that, how about the value of "Family Line" Morrissey CD in mint condition from the same French mag? G
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    Leeds Academy

    Hi Has anybody bought tickets using ticketfast and not received their E-ticket email yet? Thanks G
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