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  • my mate is getting married in the winter garden in glasgow green next week .. it must be wedding season , good luck its dead easy to do ( thinks back to the simpsons / vegas style wedding we had... i pronounce you man and wife here are some gaming chips try the all you can eat shrimp , you may kiss the bride) , make sure you have a hip flask ... my only advice
    we got married in vegas in march then moved on to hawai and SF , it was great i bought about 100 cds there .... lucky you . where are you getting married ?
    where are you going in hawaii , me and mrs vivabob were there in march and had a great time , we went to san fran for a few days as well as vegas .... grrr iim jealous
    st andrews square (cafe source) is my local , that or west , or mono erm or the 13th note ... i think i have a problem
    nah , must just be an out and about thing . i like glasgow bands so if you go to gigs i have probably just seen you

    i dont live in ibrox just work there , i have only ever passed through cardonald , i live in the merchant city
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