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    i just sent you something. i had to split it into 3 parts. don't read it. dlete now!
    Yes, it's been a lot colder here too than usual.
    Last night it was -20C, which is very unusual for the Netherlands! :eek:
    But I don't really mind, I the cold weather.
    As long as there is enough hot chocolate with rum around. :rolleyes:
    O, I really hope it'll be resolved soon too. :)
    It's all over the news here too.
    Hey hun!

    how's the gas situation right now in Hungary??
    Is it getting worse??
    Your Nespresso machine must be working overtime right now, in order to keep you warm. :)
    Or just think about seeing Moz in Antwerp, that'll keep you warm too. :p

    part of your lease agreement states that you must whisper instructions to me. i don't have to follow them though. it's all in the fine print.

    i preferred it too. i just changed it for a lark. i might change it back in a while. or i might change it to some entirely new thing that will blow your mind!
    i got in touch with your subconscious. i had to pull her away from making out with 70 year olds, but she signed it in your name. all very legal and above board.

    my avatar is the corpse of pier paolo pasolini being moved by italian coppers.

    when you whisper that i'll just take it to mean "don't you dare NOT drink".
    well, can you keep that down too? just go beat up whoever's in ther telling me to drink so much.

    if you read your lease agreement i think you'll find you're responsible for all general upkeep.
    go ahead.

    is that you who keeps whispering "drink. drink ALL the wine"? if it is, can you please keep it down.

    also, you better not be making a mess in there.
    you didn't know? you actually live in my subconscious.
    my subconscious likes to mess with me too.
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