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    What's it like round here?

    Oh great Greece God resting in thy lofty cyber city life of loins, my sweet cheeks puff and my heart thunders sorrow. Then with drums of penance, I beat as I weep my misfortune. Nay, I REND fast my clothes for naught have I seen in thee and all have I ignored thee and for this, I beg forgiveness...
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    What's it like round here?

    I see I see. Well my aim in life is usually to bring people together and mediate peace when possible so it is frustrating when something becomes toxic. When I get back to writing songs again I might share some Morrissey covers on guitar for one. Who knows. Will see how time permits amidst a busy...
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    What's it like round here?

    Trolls can be fun, but some here seemed to have truly nasty hearts. Thanks, I hope to stick around here too! :-)
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    What's it like round here?

    It was a great idea I am sorry you regret it Sorry you feel you have to swear me off. But God bless you all the same.
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    What's it like round here?

    Hi all dom here from many moons ago. I stopped posting on this site when the BS and overall tone on here was just beyond fun for me. Hi if you remember me and hi if you never shared words on here. The last straw for me was when I was more or less told off for publicly congratulating and...
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    What Morrissey fans do you hate

    I have returned after a 7 year absence as it was all a bit much around here... and I am hoping things have changed a little! Haha!
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    Cover songs by fans

    Hi all Long time since me posting! Just wanted to return with an acoustic cover I did of Suedehead! Don't crucify me! :D I acknowledge I will never be anywhere near as good as Mozgod :) Just wanted to show my tribute to him! Anyone else done covers they can share?
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    Cardiff Motorpoint Arena: Ticket for sale

    Cardiff Motorpoint Arena: Ticket For Sale. Hi there! (sorry if this is a repeat message, I posted my original message without signing in) I have one ticket for sale. Face value, no profit on my part, in fact I will lose money on it as I was thinking to sell for about 40 quid, but any other...
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    Morrissey cancels Jimmy Kimmel appearance 2/26 over scheduled guest Duck Dynasty

    Re: Article: Morrissey cancels Jimmy Kimmel appearance 2/26 over scheduled guest Duck Heyup guys! Just saw this news from the Morrisey facebook page and gave me nostalgia urges for the M.Solo forum! Must have been about 3 years since i've been here! Well in the last few years since I joined...
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    vBulletin upgraded from 4.1.3 to 4.1.5

    Layout Heya! Haven't been on here for a while, so don't know how 'new' the look and layout is on here, but to me it is new .. So I just wanted to say, like the new, smarter look of the forum!! Looks smart! Subtle changes, but its nice! So thank you and awesome job to those involved! Peace x
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    What is all this hostility to Morrissey Solo about?

    Heya Peterb!!!! Don't worry good sir! It happens. I don't know why, and it constantly baffles me, but just ignore it and you'll learn to sift out the nasty people on here. You are very welcome here!
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    Doll and the Kicks

    I love "if you care" .. truly wonderful song! My fave also. A great band. Best Moz support act in a long while.
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    A word of warmth to the line organisers at Moz gigs

    Re: the imperfect list Thank you Teenie. Appretiate the kind words, and the flowers :-D This story is old. I know .. but it goes on. Till the next love i guess. (Not Morrissey lyrics this one but still pretty cool ... "Love is like a flower as it grows and it's the rain beneath the...
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    A word of warmth to the line organisers at Moz gigs

    Re: the imperfect list It's ok Mr.Teenie. I know. I more than anyone tell people to chill with the upset, as it's just the internet .. a forum .. im just a bit fed up, down and grouchy at the moment. Love sucks. I hate it. It's like drinking too much alcahol. You drink way too much and say...
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    A word of warmth to the line organisers at Moz gigs

    I totally and utterly now officialy hate this forum. hardly anyone can be nice. hardly anyone can say nice things, and the rules and petty squablings around here frankly make me want to vomit. this was just meant to be a nice thank you thread. feck it all. i really dont feel like ever...
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