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    how many morrissey-solo forum posters have you had sex with?

    Heading out to Pomona and San Diego on the 6th!
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    Seattle - tickets still available

    Re: Seattle Show -- lots of tickets still! I don't think any of the dates are sold out.
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    Record Collector Nov 2009 - Morrissey Top 50

    Must have been one lucky seller! I bet he had a duplicate!!
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    Req: Japan issues & coloured vinyls info

    There are the Stop Me 7" singles - did they come in color, or just the sleeves?
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    the thing is, the diet pepsi doesn't make up for the donuts

    Can't say I don't binge either! They just added "honey buns" to the vending machine where I work and I can't resist every now and then - I actually got really fat eating those when I was a child! :eek:
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    Getting The Smith's back in the charts

    Re: Getting The Smith's back in the charts... The Smitts always win me over.
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    morrissey t-shirt (head shot by peter anderson)

    They used to be scattered all over ebay. Have you checked lately?
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    1 Copley Symphony Hall Ticket - Row D

    How good are your new tickets? Did you get pit?
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    1 Copley Symphony Hall Ticket - Row D

    I think you mean San Diego :) Did you upgrade tickets?
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    Funny Images Thread

    Pardon if this thread already exists - I searched but to no avail. Post your memes and funny pics here!
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    Pomona, CA (and Gibson) presale

    Buy your own shoes with coupon and then have the tickets purchased for you! :lbf:
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    The Smiths gig mystery

    Are you kidding? That's what a third edition is for! :lbf::lbf:
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    Pomona, CA (and Gibson) presale

    Bah! I just paid 120 for mine, plus fees!
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