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    some thought about Scandinavia

    I can't see how this have anything whatsoever to do with academic style etc., But I do understand this is very boring for you, but why even bother to complain? Oh, yes, the little Icon of yours. I for one are not here to please or worship that uneducated man who happens to write wonderful...
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    some thought about Scandinavia

    I look forward to the album as a whole to make a “final” judgement. :) Until thenn, I do understand your point. And generally, I agree that it, in most cases, would be bad to adjust the "meaning" of Scandinavia just by developing a certain theme – which perhaps doesn’t exist, or isn’t...
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    some thought about Scandinavia

    I hope you havn't misunderstood me. This is - as you said - my interpretation of the song, and therefore I might have to give a direct answer. Iam simply making a remark that the lines in which "I" (whoever that might be) kiss the soil, hug the soil etc., is very vitalistic - by which I mean...
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    some thought about Scandinavia

    I was just listening to a live version of the, probably, album-to-be song "Scandinavia", and got quite strong associations to a kind of nationalistic theme. It starts with this dysantropic view against us northern europeans, but "then You came along" etc. Especially I find these parts...
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    To Hultsfred Festival, Sweden in July

    SWEDEN <3 MOZ Still I wanted Stockholm :( But, this makes the whole thing more exciting!
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    If you've downloaded this before, stop me

    This is amazing stuff: THANKS :thumb:
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    The Smiths - Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals [Bootleg Vinyl Rip]

    since we have a pretty unbearable snowchaos in Stockholm right now, words cannot describe how happy this made me !!! :)
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    Suede's live return

    your right DAVIE. Its dangerous when a band get stuck in a certain generation. Suede is definitely a 90's phenomenon with all the nostalgia. I was probably one of the few "youths" in the crowd. None of my friends have heard of britpop bands as Blur, Pulp etc. But Smiths and Joy Division seems to...
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    Suede's live return

    Stockholm today: can't wait !!!! :)
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    Margaret Thatcher and popular music

    During this weird turbulence with sub-species I hesitate to ask. But anyhow this semester at the university of Stockholm I’ joined a kind of (how do you say?) tiny course (just for fun besides my usually focus in art/literature etc.): its called popular music and politics. We are supposed to...
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    Paint A Vulgar Picture demo?

    THANKS! I'm grateful for this Demo
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    Roy's Keen - (rare version)

    I would suggest Roy's Keen one of Morrisseys best pieces of his most original solo-work Southpaw/Maladjusted-era.
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    David Sylvian's "The greatest living Englishman" - about Moz?

    Re: David Sylvian's "The greatest living Englishman". About Moz? I've been "a fan" of David Sylvian the last couple of months. I recently heard his Secrets of the behind and Brilliant Trees, which is exceptional with songs like Red Guitar and The boy with the gun. But, to be more precisely I...
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    The Boy Racer (good quality music video) ?

    according to me surely must be the best site for info and details about Smiths/Morrissey albums, gigs whatsoever... give me a better suggestion and I might forgive you :rolleyes: this doesn't say anything to me besides what you've said before. you presume, judging...
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